Thursday, June 7, 2018

Forever Mabel

Mabel, as you all know who read our sweet friend Vickie's blog, was her sweet doggie for many years.
Mabel has passed on now, and Vickie who is designing a Poodle of the Month series this year, has designed this months POM (poodle of the month) for sweet Mabel.

I made mine giving her wings.  I have no idea where animals go when they pass on. I like to think they go to Heaven, too (well, except for snakes) I am sorry, but we really have to drawl the line somewhere, no spiders, nor slimy things that slither.....oh where was I? Oh yes, Heaven. Any who, I like to think of sweet Mabel in Heaven,  having the best time running around and doing what ever makes her little heart happy.  She gets wings of course, because now she is an angel. She had such a calm personality...and look at her sweet little face (click on "Mabel" )....come on, you just know she was awesome.

Vickie also has two more sweet doggies. They are awesome, too.  Check out her blog, you can see them there, too.

So if you are looking for a sweet little stitch this month. Then head over to Vickie's blog to pick up this sweet little free pattern and stitch up your very own Mabel.  Oh, and the birthday cake is for Vickie, it's her birth month.

Don't forget to wish Vickie a happy birth month when you visit her blog and pick up her adorable pattern.

** I had to add the little chair and table for Mabel and the cake. I had started stitching one row too far upwards, and was not willing to rip all those stitches back out just to make it look perfect.**

Here is a snap of all the poodles I have stitched 


  1. Aww, Vicki thank you. Mabel looks super. I love everything about her and everything you said about my sweet girl. Bless you. I love your solution to the french knots, your additions and your changes! :D The poodle gang looks fabulous.

  2. Oh, you did such a sweet job on Mabel’s picture. What a brilliant addition of the table and the chair to cover up a mistake. You and Vickie are so creative.
    Many blessings my sweet friend,

  3. Cute poodles Vicki. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and having a look around.
    Hugs, Sandy

  4. So darn cute! What will you do with all your poodles? Such happy little bits of stitchery. :)