Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Aftermath

"Oh my head."  I heard Jo moan from the living room sofa.

I walked in the living room to find him tangled in streamers and stickers. In fact his "I voted" sticker was on his forehead. I had to giggle at that one.

"I am so glad you find my current condition humorous, " Jo said as he started to shake the ginger snap crumbs from the blanket he had been wrapped up in earlier.  "Before you say anything, I plan to sweep all this up, so don't fret." he added after he saw my face when he shook out the ginger snap crumbs onto the carpet.

Mo, who apparently felt he needed to sleep in the basement, could be heard singing downstairs.

"Oh do shut up." Jo yelled down towards the basement. This of course, only made Mo sing louder.

"Where is Gauge?" I asked looking around and seeing no sign that he had ever even been there.

"Gauge?" Jo looked at me and frowned. "If you are talking about The Ginger, worry not." Jo said and then pointed to the basement.  "He's camping out with Boy Wonder downstairs."

"So when are you all gonna be ready to start work today?" I asked.

"Work?" Jo looked at me and then said, "Surely you jest. "

"No....we all have projects that need to get worked on today. " I said.

"I'm ready." Mo said as he came up the basement steps whistling.

"Me, too." Gauge added as he followed  closely behind Mo.

"What's wrong Jo?"  Mo asked, knowing full well what was wrong with Jo.

"I need ginger snaps." Jo said and then walked into he kitchen.

"I'll meet you all in the craft studio." I said as I started to walk down towards the craft studio.

I could hear someone following me. It was Gauge.

"Can we at least make a practice swatch this time?" he complained.

"Nope." I said turning my head towards him as I continued to walk. "I like to fly by the seat of my pants."

Gauge shook his head and then put his right hand to his forehead. "You have so much to learn." he added in a disappointed tone.

"Then isn't it awesome that I have you to teach me." I said and then smiled.


Betsy said... [Reply]

Ha! The debris of the morning after. I’m guilty of not swatching for gauge either. I hope it doesn’t fail me now since I just started Dennis’ sweater. Have a lovely day my sweet friend.

Vickie said... [Reply]

😁 I hope you have a lovely day crafting my friend. You are in my prayers.