Monday, April 16, 2018

CAL Begins Today

Today starts our CAL.  Please see the previous post for the link to the free pattern.

I am using Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread size 10 in the color way of Orchid Pink.  It's a very soft pink and it will work up lovely with the roses in this pattern.

I had wanted to use a yellow, but at my local Michael's store, I could only find three balls in the same lot number for Orchid Pink.  If you think they do not need to have matching lot numbers, I'd say check again. We saw three different shades of Maze, and each one was three different lot numbers. So for me, I am gonna stick with getting all the same lot numbers when ever possible.

I am starting on Row 18, that way I only have to increase one block upwards and then decrease towards the end. When I finish, I will attached the thread back to Row 18 and then continue with Row 17 downwards. That saves me from all that increasing. I sort of suck at increasing in filet crochet, so trust me, this is the best thing for me.  But if you are a master at filet and increasing is easy for you (my tension always gets wonky) then start at Row 1.

Also, right now, just today I saw, and it might be today only...Red Heart is having free delivery for everything in the USA.  So if you need to get some crochet thread and want it shipped for free, head on over there today.  I am not sure how long the sale lasts, but I'd jump on it today.

Ok, lets meet back in a few days and share our progress.  I hope to have a photo for you then.

Wishing you all a most lovely day sweet friends.  :)


  1. I’m in the middle of crocheting some double-sided hot pads for Alicia‘s new house. I do have the fillet crochet pattern printed out but I haven’t decided for sure if I’m making it or not. Oh well, I will enjoy seeing your progress anyway. Happy crocheting my friend! Blessings, Betsy

  2. I will be looking forward to seeing your lovely creation!! xoxo ~ t.