Thursday, June 15, 2017

The backroads of Florida

Please forgive me as I indulge myself in memories of my home.
I can still hear the constant sound of cicadas throughout the humid woods. The dirt roads twisting and winding their way through the towering long leaf pine trees,  the live oak trees draped in spanish moss, past the waving fans of the palmettos who  always seem to dance in the ever so rare passing breeze.

The skies are so different in Florida. Always sunny, always full of white clouds against the vivid blue. When the clouds pass over the sun, the woods seem to be cast in passing shadows.  You can stand right there on the dirt road of the picture and far ahead of you, you will see the shadow race towards you, over you, and then down past you and around the bend. Leaving the woods in scattered sunlight and shadow.

It's funny, I've been to so many different places in my journeys throughout the years...but all of them pale in comparison to where I grew up.  Oh sure they were lovely in their own right...but I think where we first learn to dream and love, that place always stays with us.

When I write my stories, I can see the streets of St. Augustine so clearly in my head. I have no problem at all taking my character down those streets. I remember the trees that grew there, the flowers,  and of course the smells and sounds. It's such a magical place to me. It's almost like it's part of my DNA. Isn't that funny.

The picture above was actually taken at a state park called Princess Place Park. It's just south of St. Augustine.  A quiet, peaceful place.

I am there today in my thoughts.  Lost among the dragonflies and flowers. The mocking bird singing along with the Blue Jay. So many memories.  I often wonder, would I still be the person I am today if I had not grown up there? If all my early adult life was not spent there....would I still be me?

There were many roads I could have taken in life. Some I knew without a doubt would lead to destruction, and therefore were never considered then nor even now. But others would have led to places I question now.  Frost made it seem so easy with only two roads to choose...but if there are more, and often there are, how exactly do we know we traveled down the right road?

Being homesick always, always makes me question everything.  It's funny....I know that the place I left behind is no longer there, because I am no longer that person.  I changed, it changed.  The people who I grew up with and loved are gone.  It's all different now....but when I close my eyes....I still feel the warm breeze on my skin....the slight hint of fragrant flowers drifting from the flower beds and hanging pots.  Sunlight, laughter...and mostly above all things....Love.

Wishing you all a day filled with much love sweet friends.   :) 


  1. Lovely. I hope you are able to go back some time soon to at least visit Vicki. :)

  2. Such a beautiful, beautiful post, Vicki. You are so right about there being many more roads to choose than two. Our roots run deep and shape the whole of us for sure. Thank you for this treat. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  3. Your roots do seem to have a strong tug on your heart at times. Very familiar with this area of Florida. I'm just across the state line in South Georgia. Came back here after living many years 1,000s of miles away. Now back to within 1 mile of where I was born! Love it! Hugs, Linda

  4. Although I never made it down to St. Augustine, I love the way you describe it and your realization that it would be different now because you are different now. Pondering what might have been is something I have done from time to time. As much as I understood how to I made decisions that shaped my life while trying to listen to the Lord's direction. At times I have apologized to Him in case I was not listening to Him and trusted that He would help me sort out any errors I might make. I am so grateful for His mercy! :) xx

  5. I live in Florida now after 30 years of moving with the Air Force. We are finally settled in Florida and our very favorite place to go is St. Augustine. I love the beach...perfection. And downtown is lovely too. I hope you get to come back often. RJ @ stitching friends forever