Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Finish to Share

Happy Sunday Friends!

I hope today is one that brings you much joy.  I have a finish to share with you.  I have finished the SAL with my sweet friend.

 I messed up on the DMC color number for her skin tone.  I thought it would be a brilliant idea to gather up all the threads without my glasses.  Yep, there I was in the dimly lit craft studio at night, trying to squint my way through the boxes of floss to gather what I needed.  I hate when I do stuff like that. It never turns out good.

 I know when I got to the point of doing her skin, I thought, Wow, this is really tanned.  I kept thinking she is gonna look like she's been out in the sun all day.  But that's ok, my Betsy Ross is a tanned lady who not only sewed, but kept a garden, too.  Which, I am sort of sure she did, because back then, it's not like you could run to Kroger and pick up some veggies.

Please be kind in your comments....I know she is not perfect.....I know she has flaws...she is very much like the crazy pants who sewed her!

I wish you all a most lovely day filled with many blessings sweet friends.  :)


  1. She is great! I did not think there was anything wrong with her skin at all. Well done with her eyes.

  2. Aww it's so cute
    I love it so much
    Big hugs x

  3. Well, as the SAL friend, I think she is lovely. My Betsy is somewhat pale and anemic looking. LOL

    I remember when I had the eyes of an eagle. Now, I'm like an old bat. If they didn't sell 3.25X glasses, I would be out of the linen stitching game. I can spend days looking for something that was on my craft desk the whole time. LOL

    On the upside, I did hear of a company called They supposedly sell readers up to 7X. I haven't ordered from them, but it looks like they have good reviews. I may pick some up for my hubby. He needs 4.0X and those are hard to find around here.

    Have an amazing day, friend!!

    1. No....your Betsy is a proper lady. Your Betsy is inside stitching and running the house like a proper lady....mine is lallygagging out in the garden...soaking up way too much sunshine! I love yours. ((hugs)). Thank you again for doing the SAL with me. What's next?

  4. Kudos to you! I love seeing a cross stitch finish here, and your explanation of her suntan makes perfect sense. I wouldn't be at all surprised if other stitchers don't use a darker floss after seeing/reading this. Also, don't mention any flaws; we won't see them if you don't tell us!

  5. Your Betsy is looking like THIS Betsy would like to. Nicely tanned and happy! Seriously, I see absolutely nothing wrong with her and the entire piece is lovely.
    Blessings always,

  6. This is such a cute finish. I have seen several do this one and I have been enabled.