Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday Blessings

This is a cross stitch I did a few years back.  I thought it was most fitting for today.

The years have become so many, since this day so long ago. Yet through His death, are we able to live again.   Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins, so that I will live again in Thy Father's house.

OK, I confess, I just broke out singing....the Spirit just seemed to fill my heart and I had no choice but to sing.

 Thankfully no one is here but me, dogs howl, small children voice is not meant for public consumption!

 Today I pray you all have a joyous day and celebrate in His love for us and know that He is always but a prayer away.

Blessings to you one and all sweet friends.    :)


  1. Oh Vicki I am so glad to know you completed this. It is lovely. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  2. This is a lovely post today. And your voice is a sweet sound to our Lord, who listens with joy to every single note that you sing. I use my time at physical therapy to pray. There Aretha 15 minute blocks where I have to lay there with the lights out. One is when they put heat on my back and the other is when they put the anodyne on it. Yesterday I started singing too. Like you said, sometimes you just can't help yourself. Admittedly it was more whisper than singing!

    Your Crosstitch is beautiful and quite appropriate for today...this very sober day. But just wait, Sunday is coming when will celebrate our risen Savior!
    Blessings always my sweet friend.

  3. What a beautiful finish! So glad you shared. What was your song of choice? Never hesitate to sing; God heard us all equally as a sweet song as it's the praise that matters.

  4. Such a beautiful and perfect work for Good Friday, Vicki! And, I know the Lord loved to hear you sing! blessings and big hugs, sweet friend ~ tanna

  5. Thank you for this beautiful in every way post, Vicki. The Lord inhabits the praises of His people, so I know He is rejoicing as He listens to your perfect praise to Him!!! xx