Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday, Monday......

Ok, now that you all have that song in your heads.......

Today, stared out rather sad for me.  I lost, misplaced, have no idea what, where, could have happened to my 1.65mm crochet hook. The one with the blue handle that was from Crochet Dude...the only 1.65mm crochet hook that I have/had?

I have been doing a secret filet crochet doily for Christmas 2017.  I am almost finished. I worked on it yesterday, put my hook down and now,  this morning, it is no where to be found. I looked under the cushions, under the chair (ok, that was not a pretty sight me and all my glory spread out on the living room floor with a tiny flash light trying to see under my lazy girl chair....note to self, sweep under lazy girl chair...oh, that is where that wayward Cheetos went.  Hmmmm)  needles to say I did not find my crochet hook.  Sad face here...really sad face.

I have no idea why the crochet hook Fairies hate me as they do. They are notorious for stealing my hooks,  taking them on long journeys,  giving me the impression that they will never be seen again, forcing me to purchase another hook...only to find the lost (stolen) hook a few days later.   Scalawags I tell you, they are scalawags!

Then I started to read my comments on my blog.  One super sweet lady is sending me a copy of a free cross stitch pattern that I admired (adored, want so baldy to start stitching, have been dreaming of it ever since I saw it, can't think of any thing else) on her blog.  Oh my, it's worked up all in pretty.

So even though the loss of my crochet hook bums me out....the kindness of a fellow blogger had made my heart smile today.   You know, the glass is always half full if you choose to look at it that way...and today my sweet friends, it's truly half full...might even be a little more than half!

Blessings to you one and all sweet friends.    :)


  1. I said a little prayer for you and that crochet hook my friend. ♥ Have fun with you latest pattern. ;)

  2. I am constantly losing knitting needles and crochet hooks. And then they show up in the most unexpected places. The depths of my lazy girl chair is one of the main places I find them! Did you run your hand along the back of the cushion where the seat meets the back? I've found many of them stuck in there, hiding from me. I sure hope you find it sweet friend. It's frustrating to be almost finished with the project and not able to continue. The momentum is lost. Have a lovely, lovely Monday!
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Well...

    Is it in your thread? Is it in the bed? Can it be found in the kitchen? Or will it be found out in the reach-in? (a type of refrigerator used in institutions. LOL I needed it to rhyme.) But it's not on your head, it's not in the bed, I've went to the kitchen and reached in the reach-in. So, all you must know...I've got nowhere else to go. LOL LOL LOL

    I do hope you find it, sweetie pie. I thought you deserved this poem since you started my ear worm. LOL

  4. I do hope you find it! Or maybe you have found it by now! Your looking under the chair reminds me of my looking under Evan's stretcher in the outpatient surgery center yesterday. The nurse wondered what on earth I was doing on the floor under there... chasing my crochet hook, of course. Ha!
    It's been a crazy two weeks around here. Spring break last week and the boys were here. Evan's back is REALLY bothering him. He had an epidural steroid injection yesterday. Temperatures hit 87 this week... tried to turn the air conditioner on. Nope. Waiting on getting a new one... probably next Tuesday. Ha!

    Hoping that hook has come out of hiding by now! blessings and big hugs ~ tanna

  5. What a huge pain! I hate it when my hook(s) go missing. I have several back-ups of my favorites now. I was just organizing my hooks and saw my Crochet Dude 1.65 hook. I haven't used it in a loooong time. If you lived close, I'd run it over to you. Hope you find it. I'm interested to see what pattern you're talking about in all red. I bet it's really pretty. XOXO