Sunday, February 12, 2017

Flat Jack....not Flap Jack

It is amazing what you can crochet up with a little bit of yarn.  Go here to see what inspired me. I did not follow the pattern exactly, you know me, can't color within the lines!  :)

I call him Flat Jack, because...well, he's flat. Not Flap Jack, but Flat Jack.

Hubby is doing about the same.  He says he feels a little better, so that is something to be thankful for. I think our next step will be an asthma doctor.  Thank you all for your prayers. They are most welcome and truly appreciated.  :)

Happy Sunday Sweet Friends!  


  1. What a cutie! Flat Jack!!! You're a hoot! I'm glad your Hubby at least thinks he's better. That's half of the battle. None the less, the prayers will continue.

  2. haha! Flat Jack is cute. I am praying for you both to return to normal health. ♥

  3. We will give thanks for a little better and continue to pray for BETTER! Love Flat Jack Stitchy McFloss!! SO cute! Nothing like the joy of creating a little fun! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  4. I know, I know, it's Thursday. LOL I'm about four days behind. You and hubby are on my heart. YOU MUST GET BETTER SOON!!

    I love Flat Jack! He is just plain cute. Get some rest, friend.