Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Devil Wears Blue Piranhas-1

I awoke to total darkness. 
I opened my eyes and yet there was nothing to see….I waved my hand in front of my face, and still nothing, although I could feel the small breeze created by my hand moving past my face.  I shut my eyes again, and then tried to breath slowly, and calmly.  I knew if I could just get my eyes use to the darkness, then all would be ok. At first my eyes would not adjust to the darkness.  It seemed that no matter what I did, they refused to see anything. So I pushed the covers off me and then slowly put my left foot down on the carpet, and then the right one. I stood there for a moment trying to hear what was going on around me, but all I could hear was my own breathing and the fast, steady beat of my pulse, it seemed to echo in my ears as I tried to make my way out of the bedroom and towards the living room.

Once I turned into the hall way, it was then that I saw there was a lamp on in the living room. I walked closer to the lamp and as I did I could hear unfamiliar voices that seemed to whisper one moment and then speak loudly in the next. I stood there, afraid to move. I tried to hold my breath, for I was afraid it would give me away. I kept telling myself this was a stupid dream. We all have them, they are so bizarre that while we are having them we tell our selves they are stupid and usually then we wake up. Not this time, though. I was still standing in my hallway listening to unfamiliar voices. 

“Please come out of the shadows, “ I heard a mans voice say. 

I stood there, unable to move, not sure what to do. It was then that I could hear footsteps walking towards me. The lamp light seemed to follow him as he walked my way. I kept my eyes closed, and kept saying to myself…wake up…wake up!

“Open your eyes and follow me.” the voice said to me. I could feel his stinky breath in my face and the light was shinning on me. I opened my eyes and to my horror I saw what only could be explained as a monster. He had four horns, two on each side of the top of his head. His eyes were white like small pearls and his skin was red like a lobster once it’s been boiled. His small frail body seemed almost unable to hold up his rather large head that came to a point on the very top, and his arms were like puppet arms moving every which was as if they were not under his own control. 

I looked down at his feet, they appeared to be blue Piranhas. Their sharp teeth were constantly making a biting motion as if they wanted to bite into me and rip my flesh to pieces. I moved away from the monster when I saw this. He turned to look at me and then followed where my eyes were looking. He burst into laughter and then said, “Do you like my shoes?” he asked leaning towards me blowing his nasty smelling breath into my face, it seemed to turn my stomach to the point that I almost threw up in my own throat. I started to gag and put my hand over my mouth.  This seemed to annoy him. He quickly turned away from me and then shown the light towards the chair and said, “Sit there.” One of his uncontrollable puppet arms pointed towards the chair. 

I followed and then sat down. I looked around the living room, but I could not see anyone else there, just the monster with the blue Piranha shoes. 

He started to float before me, rising higher and higher until his spindly legs almost swayed from the movement of the blue Piranhas trying to snap at me. As he levitated there, he pointed the light into my face and then up and down my body. The entire time he did this, he made little clicking noises with his teeth. I felt as though I were being inspected, though what for I could not say. 

He reached his free hand into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. The paper fell upon the floor as a scroll and rolled out past my chair, past the coffee table and down the hall way into the darkness. He looked at the scroll and then laughed, as he did, the blue Piranha shoes stopped making the biting motion and then looked up at him and then started to laugh as well. There mouths became huge black holes surrounded by tiny sharp teeth. I moved back into my chair…trying not to get anywhere near them. 

“Oh, you are going to be a delight to process!” he said as he slowly moved the light back into my face again. 

I looked at him and was not sure what “process” meant, but I was pretty sure, I was not gonna like it. 


Here's my latest story. I know, I know, it's really far from what I usually write. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  :) 


  1. I'm not sure what I think it is so different from Mo, Jo and Mr. Cross Stitch. This things seems almost evil and scary. I'll reserve judgement though until the next installment. :-)
    Blessings my friend,

  2. Yikes! It scares me.

  3. Wow it's so nice ..I love it so much xx
    Sending you big hugs xxx