Saturday, June 7, 2014

What a douche'!

Mr Cross Stitch came into the room and saw that I was knitting. To say he had a hissy fit would be putting it mildly. I tried my best to reason with him. I tried to explain it was only temporary, that knitting and I had a love hate relationship, that mostly resided on the hate instead of the love. That soon I'd be back again to cross stitching and......the douche walked out on me and slammed the door in mid-sentence.

Needless to say I have put all my cross stitching stuff up! I boxed it all up and threw it so far back in the craft studio closet until I am pretty sure it had to hit Hoffa, if you know what I mean!  What you didn't know he was in my craft closet? Oh come on, everyone else is in my craft studio, why not him, too!

I was rather disgusted with Mr Cross Stitches attitude, I must say.  Truly the audacity of such behavior. After all the times that he's been brought back to life...and now this! What an ingrate!

Oh, I am over my little hissy fit...well, kind of.

I just finished my first round on the knitted doily that required beads. I was rather taken back at just how easy it is to knit with beads. I love it! Now I've got all kinds of crazy butt ideas racing through my crazy butt head.

Oh and I got inspired and started to scribble a few things on paper. I have not drawn in years...decades truly...since I was in my twenties and trust me that was like, oh almost thirty years ago.  Hold on....I have to take a deep breath on that one. Do you want to see?

I call this one "Pierced Through the Heart" because it looks like those two branches are just one branch going through the trunk. I know, it's lame, but what can I say!  It's suppose to be trees in the distance with a lake in front of the trees. Can you see the bird? There were two of them, but once I cropped the photo, the other guy became a casualty of my lack of cropping abilities.  :) 

Again, it's been a really long time since I've drawn anything and well....I think this shows it, too!  I am feeling like digging out my art stuff again. I know, I know just how many crafts can I keep going at one time....let's just close our eyes and not ask those type of questions...ok!  :) 

Wishing you all a most lovely weekend...and hope to have photos soon of the knitted doily with beads. Yay!   


  1. You should do whatever you want and don't take any guff from anyone. I love your drawing and I hope you keep at it! I'm also excited to see your knitting with beads.. I have never figured out how you do that! Enjoy your tomorrow.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. How fun to be drawing again. Beads sound exciting.

  3. :)
    Such a sweet picture..I love it<3
    Hugs x

  4. Gotta let those creative juices out or one could blow up. Hugs...

  5. You can draw too? Really what can't you do. You write, Cross-stitch, crochet and knit. I am in awe!

  6. Beautiful drawing! You do whatever makes you happy with your crafts Vicki. That's why we do them isn't it? I enjoy knitting and crocheting with beads. I made my daughter Mandy a wedding purse that had lots of beads knitting into it. It held her lipstick, a few safety pins and some Kleenex for her wedding. It turned out beautifully if I do say so. :-) Since then I have made several yarny things with beads. It really makes them beautiful. I'm glad you've discovered how easy it is.

  7. Oh just go for it!! You've got lots of talent and it has to burst out somewhere. :)
    My youngest son is teaching himself to draw and I have to say I do itch to sit there with him and have a go. Drawing is such a great way of expressing things.

    I'm excited to see the knitting with beads. I was watching a crochet doily video someone made with beads on the edges. It looked easier than I'd envisioned, so probably a similar way.
    Anyhow, have fun!! Don't listen to Mr Grumpy, I mean Mr Cross Stitch. ;)


  8. I think you need to hook a rug. :)

    Wow, you can DRAW! You are a festoon of talents. Keep the projects coming - can't wait to see what you bead-knitted.