Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Duel

Dark storm clouds raced across the moon.
 There was a light, gentle rain falling. The wind would gust to the point of almost bending the live oak trees to one side, leaving their limbs swaying with their spanish moss shawls blowing in the wind.  There was no other sound in the cemetery but the wind through the live oak trees. The moon tried in vain to cast light upon the Earth, but the dark clouds covered her in a blanket of shadows.

The whitewashed tombstones dotted the cemetery, an occasional stone angel could be spotted. Their faces full of sorrow as they cast their eyes towards Heaven. Their large wings created half heart shapes in the shadows of the cemetery. Puddles of rain had gathered around their bases creating an reflecting pool once the moon light could cast it's blanket of storm clouds and shine down.

The rain slowly stopped, the gusts of wind settled down. Off in the distance their was a hoot owl singing out to a long lost mate.  As the moon light spilled into the cemetery the sound of someone walking could clearly be heard. At first the hoot owl paused, as if he had seen the intruder, and then the hoot owl continued his call.

The intruder stopped at the fountain in the middle of the cemetery.  His breath was labored as if his stride had been made in haste.  Another set of footsteps could be heard coming towards the fountain.
The breeze started to pick up again. It seemed to waltz through the tombstones and then throw itself upon the two that were now standing face to face. The moonlight revealing their faces to each other.

A hand shake and then they turned and stood there with their backs touching.

"Twenty paces, agreed." the first intruder stated bluntly.

"Agreed." the other said.

And then as they started to move away from each other, the counting began until at 19 there was a brief pause and then as if it were a bell that chimed through out the world the first intruder yelled out, "Twenty".

With that one word they both fired their guns. Two flashes of fire lit up the darkness, followed by a loud thud with someone falling onto the ground. The smoke from the guns slowly drifted out towards the whitewashed tombstones that had stood as witness to the duel.

The one who had been shot, laid on the cold, wet ground. His forehead beaded up in sweat, the pain was almost unbearable and then through the shadows he looked up and could see the first intruder looking down upon him.

"No hard feelings, right" he said to him that laid upon the ground slowly dying.

He looked up and then smiled and said softly as he shook his head, "No."

The hoot owl began to call out again.  It was almost as if he had stopped earlier, while he watched the duel.

The one who laid upon the cold, wet ground, slowly moved his hand towards his pocket...he felt around until he found what he was looking for...slowly he moved it up towards his face....his eyes gazed upon it for one last time and then they gazed no more.

His hand dropped and the piece of paper blew from his hand and across the cemetery, being caught by the base of one of the angles.  The moon light shown so brightly then, revealing to the hoot owl who looked on in silence, there was a signature written so elegantly across the paper.  Scrolled in elaborate penmanship....it simply said....Mr. Cross Stitch.


  1. Great ending Vicki! You definitely have the gift of writing. I do feel bad that Mr. cross Stitch is gone though.

  2. Nooooooooooooo! This sounds a LOT more permanent.

  3. My just loving it so much
    Hugs x

  4. I hope this is all a dream! Poor Mr. Cross stitch

  5. NO!!!!!! loving this story...keep on writing and I will keep on reading...Hugs

  6. But it was Mr Cross Stitch's signature, not necessarily his body. Someone else could have smiled knowing that he had been bested by the best!

    Will we ever know???????

  7. Well, indeed! Quite the mystery! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Ha! I THOUGHT it might be him! Or was it?

    And who was the other duellist? (My money is on Mo.) :)

  9. Does Mr Mc FLoss have anything to do with this?

  10. I'm just catching up and starting this story now.
    I love reading your stories, they're so good.

    I agree, it was only his signature, so maybe it was the name of the one he went to meet ... Ohhhh, I'm off to read the next bit now!!