Friday, May 2, 2014

May 20th hurry up and get here!

This will be out on newsstands as of May 20th.....I love, love, love the front cover design. 

I keep hearing John Denver's song in my head now.  

This is another project I will add to my ever growing list of future projects.  I just can't seem to stop cross stitching.  

I picked up the hook and did a few more rounds of the Friendship just bores me to...well....cross stitch.  The desire to crochet is just not there anymore...isn't that funny. 

I have started to write a new story.  This one is written in chapters like a book. Not sure where it is going, or what I will do with it when I get finished.  I might put out a little snippet or two if anyone wants to read it...but only after the Mo story has finished...which is not too far away.  

Am I boring everyone with all the story writing? Please let me know. If you just want to hear about my crafting, that's OK. Should I stop putting the stories on the blog? 

I will always write, I can not help but to me it's kind of like breathing. I honestly don't have a choice. The words flow like a torrent of emotions sometimes and others it's like a slow dripping faucet...but it never stops.    But that does not mean I have to subject you all to it either. Just let me know. 

In the mean time....I will be dreaming of my next stitching project...the Quaker Christmas's gonna be the size of Texas huge (love Texas by the way)!  :) 

Wishing you a most lovely day.  


  1. Girl, you are such a blessing my friend! I love that you don't give up on your crafts even when you bore of them. I can't wait to see all that you have been stitching.
    I want you to know I look forward to your stories! I totally enjoy them. I can't wait to see what your writing about. If you wrote a book with them I'd buy it, of course you would need to autograph my personal copy! Lol
    You are a sweet blessing to me, thank Jesus!

  2. tee hee! I am just tickled pink that you are still cross stitching my friend. :)
    Now I've got that tune in my head too. Love John Denver actually.
    And I love the stories. Really. God bless you!

  3. keep writing..I enjoy them. As for the crochet will be enjoy the cross stitching for now...Hugs

  4. Looking so lovely
    Hugs x

  5. Please keep writing. We would miss your incredible talent if you stopped.

  6. I really enjoy your stories and would like them to continue-but only if you want to include them in your blog.

    I love, love, love that magazine cover too. I'll have to watch for it and maybe make me a pillow or two!!!
    Blessings my friend,