Thursday, May 22, 2014

Johnny Lawman

I was sitting down for a quiet few moments to cross stitch.
Mo and Jo were eating breakfast in the dinning room.  I was cross stitching on my Rabbits Run, just taking my time and enjoying all the pleasures that come from stitching with so many lovely colors.  My needle was moving slow and steady as I savored each stitch.

I was just about to thread my needle with a new color when the door bell rang.  "I'll get it." I shouted out to Mo and Jo who had made no effort to move anyway.

 When I opened the door, I wasn't sure what to think. It was a police officer with his back to me.

"Can I help you?" I asked not sure what to expect at this point.

He turned and I could see the edges of his side burns were turning grey and his forehead seemed to have a permanent wrinkle, he smiled and said, " I am Johnny Lawman, " he extended his hand. It felt hot and sweaty and to be honest,  kind of gross.

I looked at him waiting for some sort of explanation as to why he was at my door. He finally said, "Our records show this as the last known address of Mr. Cross Stitch." he looked down at the notebook he held in his other hand.

"He does not live here anymore." I smiled. I noticed that Mo and Jo got very quiet in the dinning room.

"Can I come in?" he asked looking around out towards the road and the woods across the street.

I opened the door and showed him in. I motioned for him to sit on the sofa, which he promptly did and as he sat down there was a gush of breeze from his moment that had the bizarre odor of Old Spice and cigarettes mixed with sweat and beer.

"We found a body down by Hidden Creek Cemetery."  He looked at me and then looked out into the dinning room at Mo and Jo.

"We got an anonymous tip that the body was that of Mr. Cross Stitch. We could not locate any identification on the body to prove this, so we will need someone to come down and verify for us." He looked at me with his mouth half open as if he wanted to add something but never did.

I could hear a gasp out in the dinning room. I knew it was Mo.

I looked at him unable to speak at first and then I said, "I can come down around 600pm when my husband gets home," I said to him still thinking of our friend Mr. Cross Stitch.

I showed him out and watched as he got into his car and then drove away. My mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and how sad it was that we never really got to hook back up with Mr. Cross Stitch again after all the earlier happenings with Mo and Jo......

I stopped halfway between the tile of the front door landing and the carpet of the living room when I heard Mo say, "Did you kill him?"

I walked towards the dinning room and I could see Mo standing next to Jo.

 "I have no idea what you are talking about. I haven't seen him in months." Jo slipped a gingersnap into his mouth and then continued reading his paper.

Mo looked at me and then back at Jo.

"If you killed Mr. Cross Stitch, there will be no place for you hide, do you understand?" Mo asked him.  I looked at Mo and was taken back by the expression on his face.

Jo never even looked at him and just kept reading and then said, "I understand."

After Mo had went back into the craft studio I walked into the dinning room and sat down next to Jo.

"We aren't going through all this again are we?" I asked him.

Jo folded the paper up and then put it down on the table and smiled and said, "Is it so hard to believe that I am not always involved?"

"Yeah, it kind of is after that last ordeal." I smiled at him and stole one of his gingersnaps.

"I haven't seen Mr. Cross Stitch since all those months ago." he stopped talking and then looked out the window and said, "Give me some credit please. If I took someone out, would I really go squealing to the cops that I did it."  he looked at me.

I smiled, "No,  I knew as soon as he said he had a tip that it was a set up. But who would want to set you up?"  I asked stealing another gingersnap from his plate.

"Pick a name, I am sure they'd be on the list." he said pushing the plate of gingersnaps towards me.

"Don't worry. It will all work itself out. I will talk to Mo and you..." stopped and looked at him and then said, "Lay low for a while."

"I do hear Vegas calling my name again, "  Jo said as he got up from the table.

"I don't think you should leave town." I said.

Jo turned to me and then smiled and said, "Don't worry, I haven't done anything, so they can't prove that I did."

"It's not the cops I am worried about, it's who ever is trying to frame you that makes me worry." I smiled at him and then started to load the dishwasher.

From the kitchen window I could see Smiling Jack on his patio sitting in a law chair. He seemed to be washing mud from a pair of hunting boots.  I just shook it off, but there was just something about it that kind of struck me in an odd way.


  1. There goes that Smiling Jack again! I don't know what to think.

  2. Never liked Smiling Jack.

  3. Here we go again!!!! yippee!!!!

  4. :)
    Oh smiling jack

  5. Creepy Jack has something to do with it.

  6. Hmm, I think you need to keep an eye on that Jack blokie!!!
    Def a bit suspect!!