Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to My Mama in Heaven

We walked down the beach

I could barely reach your hand
sometimes I would stumble
but you caught me each time

The soft cool sand between
my toes
made me smile and giggle
which in turn
made you do the same

All I ever saw in your
face was love
always smiling
always loving
always there to hold my hand

On that day you left me
I held your hand for that last time
no one but you and I knew
the significance of that

You looking back at me
with so much love
such peace on your face
I did not want to let you go
how could I

I sat for hours by your grave
your name written in stone
it did not tell of all the love you gave
of how you filled our lives with joy

I think of you often
how could I not
you were the brightest of sunlight
that filled our world with love

Death has not stopped our love
it is merely a bookmark
one day we will meet again
You will hold my hand
and this time,  never let it go.

Happy Mother's Day Mama


**the picture is not mine, I got if off the net, but I wrote the poem.


  1. Beautiful poem. It made me think of my mom whom I lost a few years ago. Have a nice weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Such a sweet post
    My dear love you x

  3. Wow. That is very, very beautiful. I am jealous actually of your and your mother's love. I am happy for you. :) I had a, lets just say, "rough" childhood.

  4. We both were blessed to have a wonderful Mama, but I think that makes us feel the loss even more. Sharing a tear and a smile with you today, dear friend.

  5. So beautiful. I miss my Mama too.