Monday, May 26, 2014

Gone...but never, ever forgotten.

Thank you to all our military members (and their families) who fight to keep us free.

 Long may our flag wave in a sky where freedom is still allowed. May that flag wave across our nation and cast it's shadow upon each of us so that today we can bow our heads and remember those who were left behind, who are MIA, and for all those who died, fighting so that we could remain free... all of them will never, ever be forgotten.

Blessings to you all sweet friends. 


  1. Big hugs my dear x

  2. Perfectly said. I can not leave a comment on your wordpress blog as I do not Google plus, facebook or tweet. I tried and it did not work. I am taking the comment moderation off my blog, I think it is adding to my commenting troubles.

  3. Thank you for your patriotism and remembering our military.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)