Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Here we go again.....

Oh the lustful heart.....

I saw that the new issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine was out, well, at least on their web site.

I love this

It's a Dahila Pillow by Donna V. Giampa.  Is this not the coolest thing you've ever seen. I love those colors, the detail...dang...now I have stitchy fever again!

Oh and in this same issue, there is this

Oh I love the Bluebirds by Marie Barber

I am more than sure I won't be able to stitch these only because, let's face it, I lack the stamina that is required to do such big projects...but they are both such a feast for the eyes, I just had to share them with you.  

Oh, and just in case anyone was asking...of course I will start these...I am, after all, the Queen of UFO's...so what are two more, right!  :) 

Calling Mr. Cross Stitch....where are you?  I guess I'll have to ask Jo....no, Mr. Cross Stitch is not dead....I believe the term used was "relocated".   

You know me, never a dull moment at the house of Mc Floss!  


  1. I love, love, love the birds! I restrain myself because I have absolutely nowhere to hang another picture. But, I'll be cheering you on with all my might!

  2. That pillow is gorgeous! Totally love it.

  3. Very, very pretty designs.

  4. Omg I love birds too..from my heart ❤️I think I am a bird too :)
    Now thinking which one ? :)
    Hugs x

  5. Blue birds look beautiful, it is too bad that this year I'm only stitching from stash...

  6. The cross stitch on the cover is magnificent. It would look great in needlepoint, too.

  7. you can do it!!!! lol