Thursday, April 24, 2014

Excuse me but do you have any blue thread?

You know me, always minding my own little bee's wax when all of a sudden something just hits me and then the next thing I know I am knee deep into another project.....hey, stop that laughing out there, I can hear you from here!   :)

So there I was going through all my blog reading for today, trying to keep up to date on all the lovely things you all make...and that is when I saw this.

I love it.  I am going through some kind of phase where I only want to work with one color or at least a few colors...and this design fits the bill perfect!

Yes, I am still working on my Rabbits Run and then after that I have Christmas Quaker II and now there is this new design. There will always be a new design with me...that's just who I am...the Queen of Starts.  I am so glad I am the only one with this title....I know the rest of you, my sweet friends always finish every single thing you start....right? I am laughing!  :)

OK, now I am looking for ideas about what color blue to use....DMC.....or another brand?  It's a big picture so I might need a lot...which leans me towards DMC for it's cost value and that I can get it anywhere at any time.  But I am up for any ideas you might have, too.

Today it's over cast. We are suppose to get into the high 70's with possible storms this evening....but no snow! Yay! snow....I just have to keep saying it over and over snow! Yay!
Yeah, it was kind of a long winter for us here in I am looking forward to the warmth of Spring and Summer.

Oh...and if anyone wants to do a SAL with the above link.....let me know....I could be persuaded to start another know...for the SAL and all.  :)  

Wishing you all a most lovely day sweet friends. 


  1. ok - I'm laughing with you ....I saw that sampler too this morning but was sucked in by this's the link

    I've already sent her my email and address - can't wait to get this chart and start ANOTHER project-- LOL! And the hits just keep piling up - have a great day!

    1. Oh I wish I could pull up the link you left, but I can't. It just comes up as not currently available. I'll keep trying.

      I hope you have fun stitching your new project!


  2. Good Morning....You know I have some blue thread. Hey how is the TLC coming? Friendship doily? surely you can hear the hooks calling you by now..shoot I can hear them all the way to my house...hugs

    1. I vaguely recall something called a "Friendship Doily"...but I am having far too much fun cross stitching right now to give it any attention! :)

      Hmmmm I am not hearing any hooks calling me....are you sure you aren't hearing Mr. Cross Stitch? He does have sort of a french accent like Mr. Crochet. :)

      Hugs to you sweet friend

  3. I chuckled when I read your comment about unfinished projects. I know where there are some waiting to be finished. Mine are put aside while I take time to do a custom order. I like working in one or two colors because it goes faster. I have blue thread. We are having rain and it is on the cool side today. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

    1. Oh I just went to your blog...your customer order is awesome! Your stitches are just perfect. :)

      Oh when it's rainy's the perfect weather to stitch!

      Wishing you a most lovely day my sweet Missouri Friend. :)

  4. I can't blame you for being drawn in by this one. Definitely beautiful.

    I'm trying to finish as many WIPs as I can this year, but that doesn't stop me from starting new things... We may have to duke it out for that Queen of Starts crown...

  5. Oh I did laugh my friend. This project is indeed beautiful though. Snow. Did you say snow? It DID snow here yesterday but it didn't stick. Oh, spring, where are you?

  6. UFOs.. the bane of the crafter.. but in the end, you have to follow your muse and if it's a new thing.. so be it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. You are really on a roll, aren't you?! I am so happy! :) God bless you Vicki.

  8. :)
    Aww such a fun post ..❤️

  9. That's an amazing sampler, my friend! We're off to try a new seafood restaurant in Newport, Oregon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Oh I suffer with startitis too!!
    The problem is, I enjoy it too much to want to be cured, lol

    Look forward to seeing it started soon. :)

  11. There is something very restful and soothing about one-colour projects....

    Of course you are the Queen of Starts! And all these heaps of yarn around my keyboard (with crochet hooks sticking out of them) are completed projects I just haven't gotten around to putting away - not UFOs or any thing like that. (Ahem.)