Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A bad girl!

You want to know what bad girls do!  I'll tell ya!

They don't stay home for lunch and eat that ham and cheese sammie that they are suppose to eat, you know the one with whole wheat bread and non fat mayo and mustard with a side of dill pickles...nope, they most certainly do not.

Instead they hi-tail it up to White Castles to get some of these...go ahead, check out the link, I'll wait for you.  That would be the original sliders with fries of course!

And since I live in BFE (that's beyond freaking Egypt) I mean, the bad girl lives in BFE, she ate them in a parking lot.

Now since she is a bad girl, of course she did not eat them there!  Nope, too much of a risk of getting caught, instead she hi-tails it to the parking lot of Kohls.  Which just happens to be across the street from a lovely church.  Nope, she did not feel guilty....ok, maybe a little.

After the bad girl devoured the sliders and fries and then washed it all down with a sensible diet coke...she then just sat there and thought up tons of story ideas for her story...I know, if that bad girl was a writer and all....

Then,  out of the blue...she heard chimes. She pressed her cell phone to see what time it was 11:58am....three chines and then 12 long deep sounding bongs...came from the church across the street.  The 12 long deep sounding bongs that marked the noon hour were followed by a few songs, all of the music which was half in chimes and organ did not stop until 12:12pm.

One of the songs was "What a friend we have in Jesus" and "Holy, Holy, Holy....Lord God Almighty, God in Three Persons, blessed Trinity." .....bad girl was singing along...window rolled down, people staring....she did not know, she's a crazy butt bad girl...that's what they do!

The sky was a perfect blue, not one cloud in the sky...the air was chilly but nice....birds were singing, the grass had finally turned green after a zillion months of snow....a perfect Spring day.

Out came the baby wipes....yeah,  bad girl keeps them around for occasions such as this...clean hands...full tummy...blessed heart...she then took out her stitching....

Yeah, bad girl...bad to the bone...sitting in the Kohls parking lot cross stitching. Beautiful, warm sunshine...........still singing the songs from earlier.....pondering the awesomeness of God. Great is Thy faithfulness.....again more singing...more people staring.....praising Him with each and every single stitch.  Morning by morning,  new mercies I see.

I think this might become a daily thing with our bad girl...sans the White Castles...but most certainly sitting in the sun stitching.....singing...praising Him and feeling the sweet, sweet Spirit washing over her....goose bumps....I always, I mean she always gets goose bumps when this happens, and it only happens when she sings praises to the Lord.

Even though she's a bad girl...she's very blessed and thankful for all that she has!  

May your day be filled with many, many blessings sweet friends.   :)


  1. Oh, my goodness, you are so funny! If White Castles makes someone bad, for heaven's sake, what does Ben & Jerry's Phishfood make them??? :) Sounds like the perfect way to spend an almost-warm day!

  2. What a nice time you had there! I am smiling that you are still cross stitching! Be blessed my friend.

  3. Oh my goodness you, I mean that girl, sounds exactly like the bad girl that I am. I keep baby wipes in the car for wiping hands before stitching too! And I've been known, very often to sing hymns of praise at the top of my lungs while in a car with the windows rolled down. Now, White Castles? No, we don't have those here, but we do have Taco Bell!!!!
    Blessings sweet friend.

  4. Sounds great--minus the White Castle--stitching, singing and sunshine. Does it get any better?

  5. Lol I love the bad girl, I can totally relate! I'd do the same but I'd be crocheting! Lol no White Castle here either but man oh man we do have a Dairy Queen!

  6. Oh, I do wish I'd been sitting there with you, stitching and harmonizing!

  7. Everyone needs to break out and have that burger and fries every once in a while. And to stitch in the sun with a full belly, that's downright good! Sing it girl! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Oh--what a blessing to have such beautiful hymns pouring out over your city! Hmmm...I feel a little jealousy, then guilt for feeling jealous. ;-) Blessings!

  9. I love you sweet heart x