Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What can I give up for Lent?

There are many things I could give up...but none of them would mean as much to me as this.....crochet.

I plan on not crocheting for the entire time of Lent....which begins today and won't end until April 17.

Can I do it?  I am not sure.  The spirit is always willing, but the big ole flesh, is always weak!

I figured I would instead knit.  That's right...knit...I will be picking up the ole' knitting needles and working on the knitted tablecloth today....or will I?

 I do have the shawl I started back in 2013, and I have seen lots of pretty things that I want to knit, too.

I need your help. I need encouragement to keep me on the straight path.

So please join with me on my journey of going cold turkey with crochet, well, until April 17th any who.

It's kind of funny if you stop and think about it, I am giving up the one thing that I truly enjoy doing (craft wise) to replace it with something that I sometimes loathe.  I know, I am a paradox wrapped up in an enigma, gosh, now I am quoting Winston Churchill!

Of course my thoughts aren't all about knitting. I keep thinking of Jesus.  How truly thankful that I am that He walked the path that lead towards our salvation.  That He gave up His earthly life so that we all (generations upon generations that had not even been born) could be saved.

Thank you sweet Jesus for Your gift of salvation.  Praise God!

 The Bible says He searches our hearts...I fall before Him in deep humbleness that my heart will not be found wanting....that in some small way I can share the love I was given by Him with others.

You see you don't earn don't do good works to get salvation, you do the good works out of the thankfulness of your heart....for salvation was/is and will forever be a gift from God to His children...that's us! Isn't that awesome.

Ok, hope you all have a glorious day and know that no matter what happens to are loved! That's you over there....lift up your head and smile...because you are precious in the sight of are deeply loved!

Blessings to each and every single one of you my sweet friends.   :)


  1. Love you too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Amen and Amen. There is a wonderful message in your post tonight my friend. But...I guess this means the answer to my email earlier is that you're not working on the doily right now. :-) That's okay. Knitting is good for the soul too. May God bless you in this season of Lent and that your thoughts will turn to Him often.

  3. What a fantastic post Vicki. I am joining you on this Lenten journey. I have given up all meat and all chocolate(I eat that every day) for all of Lent. This is how I am joining you. I do this to help me focus on God again. When we are content and satisfied, it is much more difficult to focus on God.

  4. Didn't you have a beaded shawl you were going to work on at some point? I think that would be a marvelous project, especially if it becomes a prayer shawl...

    Good that deep down inside you're focused on what's most important. :)

  5. Wow Amen Sista great message for sure! I'm going to be praying for you this whole time because I don't think I could give up my crochet time, but you never know what Jesus has in store for us.

  6. A LOVELY ASH wednesday post. GOod for you for giving up crochet!!!
    This Lent I want to be AWARE of Prayer…..and pray more

  7. I'm with you on the 40 day journey. I'm giving up meat and have fish only on Sundays.

  8. Thank you for a great reminder - I only found out today that it WAS Ash Wednesday. (Have been a bit distracted I guess.) :)

    Perhaps you could knit some charity items during Lent - that might be a good way to observe the crochet fast.

  9. A beautiful post my friend!

  10. Beautiful post, I think I am giving up crochet because I have no time to do it, we Lutheran's are not about the whole Lent thing, The God thing yes, the Lent thing no.

  11. Beautiful post, Vickie... keep on knitting... blessings ~ tanna