Friday, March 14, 2014

The Delusions of Mo part 6


He was trying to remember the words of the little saying he had heard once all those years ago when he went with someone to learn how to knit at a yarn shop.

"In through the front door, 
Once around the back, 
Peek through the window,
And off jumps Jack!" 

He kept repeating that until he reached the end of the round.  He then moved his stitch marker and started the next round. He looked down at the pattern and checked to make sure he was following it correctly.  He started to smile. It seemed to put him at ease in some strange way. He could feel all the tension in his back slowly be released.  It felt familiar and yet he wasn't exactly sure how he learned to knit, he just some how knew how.

Of course he frowned when he said the word Jack and thought of Smiling Jack next door. No one wanted to see Smiling Jack jump off anything.  And with that thought it gave him the giggles.

He looked around and realized that the day light had filled the basement. He could hear the front door close and knew it was Mr. Mc Floss heading out to work. He waited for Stitchy to come down and get him.

He did not have to wait long and Stitchy was there at the doorway.

"Mo you can come up and spend the day with Jo and I." she smiled and motioned for Mo to head up the stairway.

He put his knitting back down on the chair and started to walk towards her.

"Oh Mo, please bring that with you. I would like to knit some, too." she smiled.

Mo started to feel better at the thought that he could share another craft with Stitchy.  He went back to pick up the knitting and when he did he heard the whisper say his name again.

He looked at Stitchy and then said, "Did you hear that?"

She looked at him with a puzzled look on her face, "What?" she asked.

"Oh it's nothing."  Mo said and off they went back up stairs, Mo with his knitting in his hands.


  1. Is someone picking on poor Mo? If so why? He seems like such a dear soul...(BTW love that shawl on your last post. The story behind it is so heart felt. Alas as you know I don't play with sticks.) Hope you are doing well and your weather is as lovely as mine is for now. Have a grand knitty day :)

  2. Yeah! You're knitting again! I'm so glad. And Mo is right there to share it with you. So much fun! That whisperer is puzzling me. I wonder what's up. I'm hoping to finish the baby blanket that I have on the needles this weekend so I can make a hospital delivery on Monday. Have a wonderful day my friend. (Thanks for posting here.)

  3. Knitting is calming to the soul, just what Mo needs.

  4. hmm....I read this before..and what did I forget to leave a comment..oh darn...looking for the rest of the my dear sweet sister.

  5. I needed to have known that poem when I started knitting!! Oh, the whisper...