Monday, March 10, 2014

The Delusions of Mo Part 5

Mo felt cold and then he heard someone calling his name again.

 He turned. No one was there.
He looked through all the boxes to find the one marked X-stitch in Stitchy's hand, but he could not find it. He looked everywhere....and all the cross stitching things were gone. He felt sad. Really sad. It was like loosing Mr. Cross Stitch twice.

He walked to the window and opened one of the blinds. He could see that the sun was up and that the morning was going to be bright and sunny.  He heard a noise next door, he looked over towards Smiling Jack's house and could see something stretched out on the patio...he did not even want to think of what that could be. He quickly looked away and then walked back towards his comfort station.

He smiled when he saw a bag left beside the lawn chair.  He knew Stitchy had left it. He quickly opened it to find candy bars, potato chips and bottled water. She had even thrown in a few of Jo's gingersnaps, which he thought would be good with his glass of milk later on if Jo brought him one again.

He stood there looking down at the item that had been in his lap earlier. He wasn't really sure what to make out of it all. He knew he had not been doing that earlier. He knew he had been cross stitching, and yet...there on the fold up table next to the lawn chair it sat. Almost mocking him.

He looked around the basement. He wanted to find something to do...anything to do...just not that.

He found a box of beads with small wire to make jewelry..but that did not strike his fancy. He found an entire plastic tote full of needlepoint stuff, but that did not suit him either, it only reminded him of his great loss of Mr. Cross Stitch.  He saw a few rubber stamps and cards....magazines of all kinds..two sewing machines...and an entire section in the basement filled with yarn. It was in a huge bookcase that went from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. He saw boxes and boxes of it, stacked on top of each other.  He was amazed at the amount of yarn he saw.

He let out a big sigh....out of all the stuff that was in the basement....not one thing was of cross floss...fabric, needles...nothing. He felt so alone.

Out of shear boredom he picked up the item and then sat back down in the lawn chair. He held it and just looked at it.  He vaguely remembered what he was shown years ago...he did not want to do it, had no desire to do it, no passion.....and yet, what else was there to do?

He closed his eyes and then with all the gumption he could muster....he began to......

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