Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thank you! :)

Gosh, imagine my shock when I woke up this am to see 16 comments! Wow! It truly blew my socks off.    You all rock!

I wanted to thank each of you for taking your time to leave a comment and let me know that the adorable design I had posted about yesterday is Rabbit Run by Prairie Schooler.  Thank you all so much!  :)

I really love this design!  I have it on order now....thanks again for all the links and info.  :)

Now onto more stuff.

All this got me to thinking (which we all know trouble can not be far behind when that happens, right!).  

I have grown tired of knitting. I think we all saw that coming!

 I am not sure how to break it to Mo yet that I am cross stitching again. .   He gets so emotional over these type of things.  That entire Mr. Cross Stitch ordeal left his emotions in tatters.  I still don't think he's figure it all out yet...and I am not about to tell him anything either. I find it best if people arrive at their on conclusions....especially Mo!

I do have one question for my stitching peeps out there again (waving at you all with a big smile). For those of you who are going to be stitching this adorable design. Do you plan to use the DMC colors called for on the pattern or will you be changing them...if so to what colors?

Oh and I dug out my 3.5x readers....they are a true lifesaver...and Mr. Ott Light got a work out, too.
Now I have visions of fibers dancing around in my head....floss, floss....gosh I have always been drawn to the beautiful colors of floss.....YUM!  Oh you read that right...Yum, Yum, Yum!  Ok, I will try to pull it back a little, I appear to be getting very excited over beautiful colors of floss...I know you all don't have the problem...right?   :)

Wishing you all a most lovely day.....and thank you again for "encouraging" me to continue to cross stitch....I know I keep trying to kill Mr. Cross Stitch off...but he just won't have to admire that in a character/hobby!  


  1. Hi Vicki! Your love for cross stitch has won out yet again! Yeah! I have a question for you. One of the reasons I stopped cross-stitching was that I ran out of walls for it. What do you do with all of your finished works of art?
    Blessings my friend,

  2. Cross stitch always wins in the end. LOL

    I love all my hobbies, but cross stitch was my first love and I keep coming back to it even when it breaks my heart.

  3. Mo might need a cold one. ;) LOL! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  4. Mo might just faint when he hears you are cross stitching again. I think you should do what you want, when you want. No guilt, just be happy.

  5. your blog is mcfloss fterall ;)

  6. I'm stitching rabbit run with DMC floss on the 32ct antique white Belfast linen. We can have a little SAL going :)