Sunday, March 9, 2014

Give Away!

I just found out that Nancy over Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe  is having a give-away. Please follow this link to find out all about it...oh and please tell her I sent you...yes, I am trying to win a cross stitch chart.  She has some truly lovely charts and awesome looking hand dyed thread. My fingers are now itching to stitch again! 

I seem to have lots of time on my hands here what better way use that time than to stitch! 

Wishing you all a most lovely day sweet friends.  


  1. ;) I will believe it when I see it Vicki. Have a sweet day yourself !

    1. I know, I know...but you have to admit, that one chart with the lovely church on it, Almighty Friend chart is pretty awesome...I love weeping willows, birds and the church seems to lovely...if anything can get me stitching again, I think it would be this chart.

      Blessings always sweet friend.

  2. going to go have a look ..hugs

  3. stitching?!?!?! can it be...the drought is over? LOL Good!

  4. I am back on the key board again,you naughty girl :) Ahh I thought knitting was going to keep you out of trouble... How do you plan on bringing Mr. Cross stitch back to life? Yes I entered and used your name at the door. Good Luck. Hope your weather is getting better right now mine is as close to perfect as one good ask for.. Good day dear Lady.

  5. I'll go check out your link.. thanks for sharing!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I didn't think you would be able to stay away! Good luck.