Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Be still my heart, I am in love......

Oh swoon did my heart

that beats so fast
when my eyes gazed
upon your edges of thistle
dripping with meaning
sorrow and delight
maroon-purple mixed with
emotions that  mere words
can not express

My knitting needles fainted
when first they did see
the loveliness in the pattern
oh yes, it is of weeds

To my stash I went with haste
only to find worsted not lace
My knitting needles began to mock
imagine for them it must have been a shock
for when I opened up another cabinet door
a ball of lace fell upon the floor

It was of eight hundred yards
not the nine eighty-four required
but then I thought perhaps
I'd knit as far as I could
and if at journeys end a lapse
of inches were to be found
I'd match it with another
close and yet not the same
but just as lovely with a different name.

Ok, now go here to understand what I am talking will need to read the story behind the item to understand all the meaning of the words I have written in my poem.

This is such a beautiful shawl...does anyone want to do a KAL with me?


  1. That is one gorgeous shawl! I'll have to pass on that shawl as I am in the middle of my red Elise shawl. Good luck! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I would if I thought I would enjoy it..but alas..needles and me do not get along well. I love the thoughts behind the idea of the shawl..inspiring.

  3. I swoon for you too LOL Goregous shawl.

  4. I would be tempted to give it a go if I didn't already have too many things started right now.
    I crocheted a shawl but never knitted one and that is really, really nice .... but I don't have the lace yarn either. :(
    One day I will try and knit a shawl though. It's in my 'to try' list, in my head.

    Can't wait to watch how you get on with this now.


  5. While admiring the gorgeous pink bokeh in the first photo, I kept wondering if the "weed" might be fireweed, the first wildflower to take root after a forest fire. I was shocked to learn it was thistle, but the color is indeed perfect. I may have to try to dye yarn that color this summer! You have swooned over a mighty beautiful piece!

  6. Regenerate is gorgeous. Absolutely lovely!!!! Your poetic slant is lovely

  7. I love the name! Regenerate! I NEED a regeneration... but, will be sticking to remodeling most of the time for now... =(