Sunday, February 2, 2014

What Mo saw in the basement

Mo came running up the basement stairs out of breath and trying to say something but instead just pointed and then passed out.

I could hear Jo laughing and was wondering just what had happened down there.

"Jo, do I even want to know?' I asked trying to fan Mo's face hoping he'd wake up.

"Oh it's no big deal really, Mo just saw the ghost of Elizabeth Hiddleson." and with that Jo walked into the kitchen.

"Jo you know I don't believe in ghost." I smiled at him and then waited as he opened the cookie jar to get some gingersnaps.

"Well, from the looks of things," Jo said as he pointed his gingersnap towards Mo who was sitting upright on the carpet, "Someone does."

Mo jumped up and then came into the kitchen and then pulled on my arm and said with his eyes as big as saucer plates, "I saw her!"

"Who?" I pretended to not know.

"The queen of crochet doilies...Miss Elizabeth Hiddleson!" he said and then gasp out loud and put his right hand over his heart as if he were still trying to catch his breath.

"Mo, you know that kind lady has been passed away for a while, why would you say such a thing?" I asked him.

"Because it's true. Tell her Jo." Mo said and then looked at Jo and then back at me again.

Jo smiled and sat down with his gingersnaps and glass of milk.

"I think you should tell her Mo." Jo said and then bit into another gingersnap.

"We were in the basement trying to find your tread for your next tablecloth when I saw something out of the corner of my eye, it just kind of flashed by."  Mo looked at me and then back at Jo.

He took a deep breath and then continued on, "So I stopped looking for the thread and then went to where I thought I had seen something." He stopped and then looked at Jo who was dipping his gingersnap into his milk.

"I felt cold...almost a breeze, but without motion. And then as I started to turn back, I saw her."
Mo put his hand back over his heart. "EH..." he drifted off.

"Who is EH?"  I asked already knowing the answer.

"Miss Elizabeth Hiddleson! She was ever so lovely...." he drifted off again

"How do you know it was Elizabeth Hiddleson?" I asked him.

"Because I read that article in Crochet Traditions Fall 2012 issue about her...they had her picture in there."  Mo smiled at me.

I smiled at him. Bless him, he was always "seeing" something.

"Jo did you also see her?" I asked.

Jo smiled and then said, "No. But I did hear the conversation that Mo was having, but I did not hear anyone else's voice, just Mo's."

"Mo what did she say to you?' I asked him.

"She wants me to make this?" and with that he showed me a photo off Jo's I-phone.

"The big one in the middle, with the four points of pineapples." Mo finished.

"Should I ask how this got onto your I-phone Jo?"  I looked at him.

"You could, but I would have no way of explaining it." Jo said and then put his plate and glass in the sink.

"Mo I don't have that I am sorry to say..." I began and then Mo cut me off.

"Oh, I knew you did not have it...she knew, too...but she says that one of your readers might be willing to share it with you." Mo said and then smiled from ear to ear.

"Mo," I touched his hand and then smiled, "I am not sure this publication is even still out there to be bought, and if it were, I might not be able to afford it." I smiled at him trying to let him down easy.

"Oh that is no problem. I have faith in your readers." he got up and then started walking back towards the basement stairs.

"Where are you going now?" I asked.

"I told EH to come back and we'd have crochet club." Mo said and then went down the stairs quickly.

I looked at Jo who shook his head and then I said, "Really Jo, you should not encourage this type of behavior from him."  I scolded Jo.

"I really can't explain how it go on my I-phone. Honestly." Jo said and then started  down the basement stairs.

"And just where are you going?" I asked Jo

"You think I'd miss this? " he smile and then pulled out his I phone and continue on down the stairs to the basement.

I stood there for a moment and then realized....I really needed a diet root beer after all that hoopla!

So that is what I am doing...kicking back...sipping on my A&W diet root beer.

If anyone has this  pattern and would be willing to share it with me...please let me know.

Happy Sunday!  


  1. I can't help you with that one.. what do you use it on? I do want to make a big doily for my baby grand tho.. after this kid blanket.. and after the red shawl.. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. No such thing around here! Sorry! Hope you find it.

  3. Oh my I wish I did have it. That is truly a lovely piece of art. Some one will I too have great faith in your readers. Sounds like poor Mo needs a fainting couch. My brain just snapped,so where did the cover photo come from???

  4. Yowza, what an amazing pattern! I hope you can find a copy. :)

  5. I don't have it either...but I have a serious case of the "wants"! If you find it I "want" it too!

  6. I wish I had. If you want to buy then you may check with country yarns. Not sure if you already know about it.

  7. You need to keep those boys out of the basement...everytime they get together down there they come back up with many projects do the boys and you have going? Love the pattern, believe it or not, I cannot help you..I don't have any of her pattern books..can you believe it...