Friday, February 7, 2014

What the ice storm has left behind....

We are still below freezing and don't expect to reach freezing until Sunday...and that is only after we get more snow. The ice storm we got a few days ago left behind it's calling card on all the trees. Each branch is encased in can't melt, the sun barely shines.  It's cold.  It got down to 7 degrees last night.   My clean driveway that I worked so hard on the other day, is covered again in ice and snow. I told Hubby it might stay that way.  He just smiled. 

On a much happier note, I would like to say that I have been doing a lot of thinking....I really need to stop moaning and groaning about how much I miss home (Florida) just suck it up and move on. Nothing is going to change, we are stuck here as long as Hubby's job is I will instead be thankful that he has a job, that we are warm, have food to eat, and that I am blessed with a Husband that puts up with my crazy butt.  I am truly blessed.   

I have been working on the wisteria doily...ok, it's not going to be a tablecloth...I never could reach the huge gauge that was required, I did go up a hook size to 1.75mm and I am still two inches shy...but to tell you the was never going to be a tablecloth anyway...I got to looking at only has 30 something rounds...that's a doily people!  

It started to ruffle like no bodies business for a while, but then it settled down and has now started to behave. I am only on round 20.   Pictures soon....maybe next week.  :) 

I do hope you are all safe and warm and happy. I am slowly realizing that it does not really matter where you are, as long as you are surrounded by those who love you...and I am so I am content and very blessed indeed.  

Happy Weekend! 


  1. I know just what you mean about just needing to suck it up and move on... Sometimes it takes us just a little while... sometimes longer... but, we do. Because we enjoy life more than we like to moan! Hugs ~ tanna

  2. I do not think you are moaning & groaning, my friend. I have never thought that. I've known people who moan & groan the livelong day. You are not one of them.

  3. Good for you! Some people never, ever realize that for their entire lives. =) Have a nice day. Stay inside.

  4. I need to change my attitude to and precise where I am too. It's snowing and cold everywhere anyway so there's no where to go. Alex face-timed from Tokyo where they are expecting 5 inches of snow tonight. Unheard of and everyone is panicking. As for us, 4-6 inches in and around Portland yesterday & another 4 predicted for today. Also very, very unusual. Hubby is dealing with his own snow at home. :-(

  5. I truly love those trees, so pretty. Keep your hooky butt warm

  6. It is a beautiful mess outside isn't it? You need to stay inside where it is nice and warm.

  7. I remember when I was a young married woman babysitting 5 kids whose mother ran off and left them with her cheap and strict husband.. there was an old lady across the street and I was moaning and groaning about Louisiana (where we lived then) and she got fed up with my whining and said these words which I have never forgotten. "Bloom where you are planted, my dear." And I think you are blooming! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)