Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stor Rund Dug

My next adventure into knitted lace will be this.

I am auditioning different blue threads to see which one I want to make this  lovely doily out of...although I have a feeling it will grow into a tablecloth, but for now, I'll call it a doily.

Ok, I have ripped out all of the knitted tablecloth...started it back in a variegated thread and I really don't like that either. So I might go back to white again and re-start the just seemed easier to start again...the un-knitting was getting a little crazy...and let's face it there is enough crazy around here as it is!

So while I have Stor Rund Dug dancing around in my head...and what blue thread to use to make it...I will be settling down to re-start the knitted tablecloth once again.

I think I have been bitten by the lace bug....just saying.

Now it will be a long, long, long time before I have any pictures of any of the knitted lace things I am making. I am taking it slow and not racing through it might not be until late February before I can get anything up...I know that seems like a really long time, but I am not a speed knitter...I am slower than paint drying on a cold winters day....yep, that fast!  :)

I blame all this urge to knit on the weather!

Oh and I found this (which I think is totally awesome) I don't have the skills to make it, but I thought it was one of the most lovely blankets I have ever seen.  If you open up the pattern you can get a much nicer view of the blanket and it's so pretty.

Who knows, maybe later on in the year once I tackle my lace tablecloth(s) we can have a KAL (knit a-long) for anyone who wants to join me in trying to make the blanket. No, I doubt I have any more skills then than I do now, but lacking in skills doesn't seem to stop me in attempting things....mind you it doesn't always turn out good, but I guess there has to be something said for at least trying (at least I keep telling myself this)....right?

 I have to learn to develop a taste for cables. They aren't really hard, you just twist the stitches (with or without a cable needle) to change their positions and thus creates the risen texture that is so distinctive in knitted cables.

But this will be much later in the year....right now I can't even find 9 skeins of this yarn anywhere I go....Yeah, I kind of was looking...might have to order it on line through Red Heart Yarns. But I am not ready for any of this just yet....I merely wanted to entice you into wanting to make this blanket with me.  :)  Any takers?

Wishing you all a most lovely day!


  1. That is a gorgeous blanket Vicki. I may be convinced to make one sometime in the future..... Sorry about your tablecloth. I started two different baby blanket patterns today. Didn't like either of them so they were ripped out and now I'm trying a crocheted one. Hey! You may as well enjoy what your doing right? I better go to sleep now. I'm off to see Piper tomorrow!

  2. ok...I don't really care for the varigated threads unless you are making flowers..but that is just me...Hey enjoy the frogging...I was frogging a little too..lost my place and skipped a row I think...oh well it is all part of the journey. Hugs my dear friend..we are under a winter storm advisory..again..rain, sleet, ice, and finally snow..significant accumulations..what does that mean...DIE WINTER DIE!!!

  3. You are so ambitious! I envy you for tackling and finishing such intricate things - I am more of an instant-gratification crafter. Both of those links are absolutely gorgeous projects. :)