Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Punxsutawney Phil is a douche'!

I am sure everyone has heard that Punxsutawney Phil , that over grown rodent that has way too much power on our weather (snicker, snicker) is without a doubt a douche'! Nope, you will never convince me he is anything other than that after the bad weather we have all been having.

Don't even come to his defense, if you do, I promise you I will not publish your comments! Period! Big ole' stinky rodent!

I use to think he was cute, when I lived in Florida and his "winter predictions" never had any influence on my weather. It was always nice...oh sure it gets cold in Florida...maybe all the way down to the teens (on rare occasions) but then the next day it's back up to 6o or 70 degrees. Gosh, I miss Florida. Sorry, what was I saying..Oh yeah....Ole' Phil...he's a douche'!

Come on with all this bad weather. We've had snow...and now ice, too.

The mayor of our city is out doing TV blips and issuing warnings.....Oh I miss the days when the only thing I had to worry about was sun screen.  Don't get me wrong, Florida is full of crappy stuff....but the weather was nice.

The trees and power lines are encased in ice. We might loose power...and if I do...I just wanted  to put this out there for everyone to see.....Punxsutawney Phil is a major douche'!

I do have to blame someone don't I?  Well Ole' Phil get's the blame!

I am ripping out the wisteria tablecloth that I was working on in purple and using a white...and then when I get back to the blooms I will switch to a variegated purple. I think that will look nicer. I'll let you know.

I am off to hook for a while and keep my hooks crossed that I don't loose power.  :)

Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers for Hubby. He made it safe last night, and this morning, too...I will be praying for him all week long since our temps won't even reach freezing until next week!


  1. Florida is full of all sorts of crappy, I bet the ice is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Of course if you stay home. Keep safe, keep warm, and keep hubby shoveling, you stay inside.

    1. The ice can never hold a candle to a warm breeze on a sunny beach! Palm trees gently swaying in the warm breeze...the bright, lovely warm sun everywhere....gosh, I miss Florida! All ice does is make trees fall down on your power lines! Hugs to you sweet friend.

  2. You should move back to Florida!! I wish you'd show a photo of your tablecloth with the colors you did! Thanks so much for the pattern.. I'm excited to have a big doily for my baby grand piano! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. It is my dream to one day live there again. But we have to go where the job goes and right now it's here. :( But I am thankful that we do at least have employment and one day if we are blessed enough to see retirement, then we can move back again...but until then I am gonna moan and groan and carry somehow makes me feel better. :) Pics coming soon of the doily. Blessings always . :)

  3. Oh MY!!!! I feel your pain...

    1. I know you do and I so hope that all this crazy weather goes away so we can at least get back to normal again. :) Blessings to you always sweet friend.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. Why it's even supposed to snow here in Portland tomorrow. Lots of snow. Portland rarely gets snow and when they do, it's just a dusting, not the stuff predicted for the next few days. :-). I came here thinking I would escape the snow in Spokane and now look. Let's get that Phil and take him down!!!
    I can't wait yo see the tablecloth. I think white with the different shades of purple for the blooms will be lovely.

  5. ROFL You had me at the header!

  6. LOL---- I hate him too. This winter is beyond miserable and there is no hope in sight for a long time now that the stupid rodent saw his shadow. Ugh ----


  7. It's crazy weather everywhere isn't it.
    I hope your's warms up soon. We have storms here, wind and rain and massive waves.
    Not my favourite. :(

    Looking forward to catching up on your projects and seeing pictures soon.

    Take care