Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mo gives his statement to the police

The lights were lowered in the interrogation room, as Mo sat there, very nervous, very upset waiting for the detective to come back into the room.

As the door opened Mo let out a little whine as he saw Jo behind the detective followed by another man he had never seen before.

The detective sat down across from Mo and Jo sat next to the detective, and the unknown man sat next to Mo.  At first the detective just stared at Mo and then he slowly opened up the file he had brought into the room with him.

Jo just sat next to the detective looking at Mo in a sinister manner.

"Mr...." the detective started

"You can call me Mo."  he said weakly.

"This is Mr. Compos Ite," he said motioning towards the man Mo had never seen before.

"Mo." the detective smiled and then continued, "Can you give a description of Mr. Cross Stitch?"

Mo looked at Jo and then at the detective and at Mr. Compos Ite.  "He...well..."

"Any facial features that stand out?" Mr. Compos Ite asked.

"He...ummm."  Mo was trying to find the words.

Everyone looked at Mo.  You could hear a pin drop in the room as everyone just sat there and waited on Mo to give a description.

"He always carries around a needle."  Mo smiled

"A needle?" the detective looked at Mo.

"A pair of scissors, floss, and usually fabric and patterns, too." Mo smiled and then stopped smiling when he looked at Jo who was making a motion with his finger across his neck.

"What color is his hair?" Mr. Compos Ite asked Mo.

"Hmmm I'd call it something in between rainbow and fluffy clouds." Mo smiled back, "You know dreamy."  Mo said softly.

The detective looked at Jo, then at Mr. Compos Ite and then back at Mo.

"Dreamy?" the detective repeated.

"He has a way of lighting up a room like a sun beam."  Mo went on.

The Detective cleared his throat and then asked, "Are you medicated in some way?"

Jo smirked and then the detective asked him, "Is he always like this?'

Jo looked at Mo and then replied, "Always."

The detective closed the folder and just shook his head.

Mo looked at them and then started to say something and then the detective said, "Thank you Mo, we will be in touch if we need anything further from you." and with that all three men left the room, but Mo stayed behind.

Outside the door the detective asked Jo, "Does Mr. Cross Stitch even exist?"

Jo thought about it for a moment and then replied, "Only in Mo's head."

"Will you see that he gets home safely?" the detective asked Jo.

"I'll take care of him," Jo smiled.

Mo was thinking of all the projects he wanted to do when Jo came into the room again.

"Get your coat Einstein we are going home."  Jo said in a harsh manner.

"Will they find Mr. Cross Stitch?" Mo asked Jo when they got in the car.

"Who?' Jo asked.

Mo sat there for a moment and then said, "Mr. Cross Stitch. He lives down in the basement"

Jo turned to him and then said, "Mo, no one lives in the basement."

Mo sat there with a frown on his forehead and then quickly said, "He does, Stitchy was going to start a SAL with him and I...."

And before Mo could finish Jo slapped Mo across the face and said, "Snap out of it! You are hallucinating!"

Mo was in shock. He sat there, tears in his eyes and then he just opened the car door and ran.

Jo shook his head and tried to follow him down the road but then Mo turned in between two houses down a narrow alley and Jo lost him.


  1. Poor Mo. I feel for him.

  2. You should take up fiction writing and write a book! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Poor Mo! I am worried about him. Hope he gets home safely.

  4. Oh Mo, where aret thou?