Monday, February 3, 2014

I hate winter!

We got six inches of snow last night! Ick! So after Hubby made his way to work this am, I "suited up" and started to shovel the snow.  OMG! OMG! OMG!

I am sore in places I never even knew I had. Seriously...I am way too old for this!

Hubby does all the snow shoveling, but I wanted to surprise him....I guess you can say he will be surprised when he comes home and finds me sprawled out on the sofa with a heating pad and diet Pepsi by my side.  I am fine if I don't move...then I am stiff and sore. Dang,  just when did I get so old?  No, had nothing to do with me being out of shape...I am perfectly shaped...round!

I know, I know...suck it up....pull up those granny panties and move on...nope, I am gonna whine and complain a little....besides I figure if I milk this just right...there might be some crochet thread in my future...gosh, the things I do to get crochet thread.   :)

I have been working on a new tablecloth...but I can't seem to figure out which color thread I I am playing around with it just yet. No, can't show you the pattern, it's all a surprise! I am still working on the other crochet tablecloth....hope to get more of that in tonight.

As for the ripped out knitted's on stand by.....I put the thread in a bag and thought it might need some time alone!

Wishing you all a most lovely day.  :)


  1. Sorry you are sore! What a good little wifey you are doing that shoveling. I'd say that shoveling is worth a box of thread at least! Wish I had that snow to look at through the window. It's ugly here, but at least it's cold today.

  2. ok I got the I hate winter part, You are not alone! Try a little salt before you decide to shovel. I am wishing warmness your way.

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel. That was me last week. Apparently we got even more snow last night and today but poor Hubby had to get up and shovel before he went to work at 5:00 am. I'm in Portland with miss Piper and there's no snow on the ground here although we did have some flurries today. I'm looking forward to seeing your new tablecloth.
    Blessings my friend,

  4. Goodness.. I have never shoveled snow.. we just drive over it and pack it down an drive on it. Is it the law there that you have to shovel it? Don't put your back out! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. You really crack me up!! :D This would have been so me too... I would have need at least a week to get over all this work :D

  6. I just don't understand how we're friends ... lol! I would've been smiling ear to ear to have a chance to shovel that snow : )

  7. Oh yes, isn't snow just so much fun!! ;) I could never attempt to shovel with my hip. I think it best if you keep moving about. If you hang out on that sofa, I think you will seize up like the Tin Man. ;)

  8. LOL I would find a much nicer way to suck up to get some thread...and wouldn't be out in the cold and shoveling snot..oops I mean snow..I might throw some salt if it is icy..but shoveling..nope not going to do it. Blessings and stop shoveling...