Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I can't keep it to myself any longer......

Thank you all for your kind words about my crazy butt out there shoveling snow....believe it or not, I am feeling good today, only my thumbs are sore!  :)

So when I came in yesterday and was trying to rest, I was working on my new surprise tablecloth. I know, I know just how many tablecloths does one person need?  I know, but we all know that I do things to the point of being excessive (oh my stash is one fine example,  be glad you all don't have my hang ups and issues!  :)

I was working on what I am calling Wisteria (I am totally ripping off what another hooker named this, although this is not the patterns name).

First I have to bore you with lots of details that will make you yawn and probably dose off a bit.  I grew up in Florida (oh warm Florida....hold on I need to pause and soak up all the warmth from my memories..ok I'm back) where there were flowers and stuff blooming and growing all the time. I have many favorite flowers and bushes, one being our wisteria that grew in our front yard. It was older than I was and had grown into a mass of sprawling limbs that would bend towards the ground like a weeping willow when they were full of blooms. It was awesome. The fragrance it gave off was intoxicating.  

So when I found this pattern it made me think at first of grapes...and then when I realized there were a few errors in the pattern and I had to seek help, I jumped on Ravelry and found that another hooker found the errors and then had put the label on this of wisteria.  I ran with it.  It brought such lovely memories back to me of the wisteria in our yard.

So I am going to make this (have already started) and I am using....wait for it....a ball of variegated purple for the blooms part, and  a purple for the rest of it. I am only on round 11, so I might even change the purple base to a light green and then continue with the variegated purple for the blooms. Not sure yet.

Today we are suppose to get an ice storm starting at 300PM (which has me very worried because Hubby does not get home until 500PM and he is across town).  We are suppose to get a quarter inch of ice. So please keep my sweet husband in your thoughts today if you can spare a moment or two. I am going to be worried sick until I see him tonight.  Thank you for taking your time to do this for me.  :)

Wishing you all a most wonderful day.  :) 


  1. Dear Vicki I am praying your husband's drive home is safe. I hate driving in ice.

  2. You have such good taste. I am a huge fan of Wisteria also. Although down here it can be a little invasive if not cut back. My prayers are with your husband as well as you for your nerves. I am putting virtual chains on his tires for you. Be gone bad ice be gone....

  3. Praying Vicki. Oh I can relate. I have to drive home this weekend and the Columbia River gorge can be really icy. I'm also looking forward to seeing your new tablecloth. You have lots of projects on the go don't you?

  4. I love this. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I have it printed off! No idea when I can start it yet, but I have the perfect place for it on my bedside table. Yay!

  5. Ooo la la I love the tablecloth, its going to be so pretty with the variegated thread in it.
    I'm praying for your hubby to come home safe and sound.

  6. Prayers for your hubs, Vicki...

    I love the idea of that variegated purple for wisteria!! blessings ~ tanna

  7. Did hubby get home okay? Say - I tried to get that pattern but it said I had to join something.. I need a large (3' in diameter) doily for my baby grand piano - any chance you could send me the pattern? Betsy even said she'd make it for me if I found a pattern. How nice is that!? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Sounds beautiful. I think (if I get a vote haha) that I'd like the green with the variegated yarns - more like the actual flowers!

  9. LOTS of ICE here!!! salt trucks all over the place in my neighborhood...I don't like variegated threads for a doily, but that is just me..if you like it then that is what matters...I looked at the pattern..which one is it..I have them all in a book somewhere...but right now I gotta stay focused..

  10. Hope everyone is safe and sound! We've got the "snowin' and blowin'" going on today. What a winter!

  11. My goodness - what a beautiful pattern -- I could not make that in a milllion years! I love the idea of the varigated purple yarn - cant wait to see it when you are finished!

    Thank you for your precious visit and your promise of prayers for our dear friend~

  12. I was glad to read he got back safe.

    Gorgeous pattern!!! Can't wait to see yours.