Thursday, January 23, 2014

You asked so I am gonna tell ya!

One of my dear readers, Hi Mary I in AL, wanted to know the hair color of Mo and Jo.

Well, to be honest I had never really thought about what they looked like when I brought them to life on the page. Oh sure we all know that Mo is kind of a weakling and Jo is much tougher....but what do they look like?

I have always pictured Jo was the sort of suave, Italian type of dude, you know, "How U doing?" type of guy.  Always a charmer. Looking for excitement at every turn. We all know he's uber cool because he crochets! So I guess I would have to say his hair color is black....I can easily see Jo greasing his hair back....kind of like a throw back from the 50's or something...but you know, with a gingersnap in his mouth!

Mo would be like the character on Gone With The Wind....Ashley...the soft spoken, not really a man, kind of like a limp rag sort of dude. You just know if he's with you and you get a flat tire, you are gonna be the one out there changing it while he's in the passenger seat clinging to a tissue! So I am guessing in that case, I would say Mo has sandy blond hair (because I think that is what the dude in Gone With The Wind had).

Now Mary never asked about Gauge, but I think we should not forget about him. The last we heard from him he was visiting with Mere in Florida. Living the good life soaking up the rays at the beach, hanging out at coffee shops,  and visiting new yarn shops.  Who could blame him for wanting to leave boring old Kentucky with all this cold weather, right!

Gauge is a Priss Pot.  He has  a ruler in his pocket at all times, you he can get gauge! I picture him with red hair...freckles and an attitude of superiority that won't quit.  He knows he's right and he is gonna tell you about it until you just can't take it anymore...and then he's gonna tell you again!

Mo and Jo hate Gauge by the way!

 I am still knitting or am I?  I did happen to start something new...but it's a secret and I can't spill the beans until it's forget about it....(ohhhh did you just hear Jo say that or what!).  :)

Wishing you all a lovely day....and photos of the knitted tablecloth will be delayed due to the fact that I ...well, kind of got off track...and next week.  :)

Wishing you all a most lovely day.   :)


  1. You know, as you described the boys, I realized that was kind of how I thought of them. Isn't that funny? Gauge is lucky to be visiting Mere. It's cold and frosty here. Still. I'm getting tired of it.

  2. What handsome bunch you have! Love it!

  3. hahaha! I agree with Betsy. That is just how I pictured them too! ;)

  4. I have had to warn Guage to stay out of the sun, he does burn so easily. And where was he when I needed help getting the frost off the windshield this morning? Well he was in bed sleeping off some flowery drinks he got at the beach bar last night.

    1. Oh, yeah...I forgot to tell you...he's kind of a lush! :)

  5. Well at least they are a colorful bunch,unlike our current landscapes :) Thanks for filling in the details. Stay warm.

  6. You are a character! Love the story of the guys and can't wait to see more of your knitted lace. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)