Friday, January 24, 2014

What happened at Mr. Cross Stitches funeral....the uncut version

We arrived at the funeral home fashionably late, but that was because Jo was driving and he stopped on the way for a pack of smokes (which he was not allowed to smoke in the car).  After getting back on the highway and a few wrong turns (this was Mo's fault because he swore up and down that he knew just how to get there, he did not).  Jo had to finally pull out his i-phone and find directions that way.

As we approached the parking lot we could see it was full, some cars were even parked on the road leading up to the funeral home. We parked on the main road and then walked the half mile or so up the ice covered path towards the funeral home.

There were a few choice word coming out of my mouth as we trudged up the path towards the front of the building.  Mo was very quiet. I knew all this was hitting him hard. He and Mr. Cross Stitch had been pals for ages and they had created a bond that was not easily broken, if it ever would be broken.

Jo was his usual self. Not even death will stop Jo I am convinced of that. I have no idea what could stop him. He was a slice of sunshine though as we all walked in the cold towards the funeral home.

They held three seats for us up at the front. The minster smiled and nodded as we approached and Mo,  who had been so quiet, seemed to melt into a puddle of tears when he saw the casket of Mr. Cross Stitch.

At one point, Jo had to catch Mo, for his knees gave out on him and he started to fall toward the ground. Everyone in the church gasp for they just knew Mo was gonna fall, but when Jo caught him, they all let out a big sign of relief.  I know my heart must have stopped when all this happened for I don't even remember breathing or anything until we sat down.

The preacher went on and on about Mr. Cross Stitch...many in the pews were saying, "Amen, Brother." as he would hit on a subject they felt connected them to Mr. Cross Stitch.

The preacher then asked for Mo to come up and give the eulogy. Mo walked up the three small steps and stood there for a moment just looking at the closed casket. He then slowly walked to the podium and then he looked out and with tears in his eyes, his voice quivering he began what felt like a three hour speech about Mr. Cross Stitch.

Jo fell asleep and kept falling on my shoulder. I had to keep pushing him back which would wake him up and he would shout out, "Amen..Amen" and then go back to sleep. I was thinking of all the times I had with Mr. Cross Stitch, too as Mo was giving his speech.

Then Mo finished and stood there, tearing falling down his face and he turned to look at the he did, we heard a was weak at first and then the next thing I knew the casket was flying open and Mr. Cross Stitch was sitting upright and smiling.

Mo fainted on the carpet right before the Minster who was standing there with his mouth wide open and stunned. Everyone in the church gasped out loud, which woke up Jo who looked up and started laughing when he saw Mr. Cross Stitch.  "Good to see you again you old beggar." Jo said as he walked towards Mo.

Jo slapped Mo's cheeks a few times and then Mo finally came around. Mo sat up and then looked at Mr. Cross Stitch who was smiling from ear to ear...he grabbed Mo's hand and started to shake it.."It's so good to see you again friend" and with that Mr. Cross Stitch was off and mingling with the rest of the visitors who came to pay their respects.

Mo started to rub his head and look at me and then back at Mr.  Cross Stitch and then back at me again.  "I don't understand?" he said with the look of innocence on his face.

Jo laughed and then said, "Don't you get it. Sweet's over here can't give him up. Just get use to it Buddy, he's probably gonna be around forever."

Mo smiled and then hugged me. "Thank you."  he looked at me and then added, "I was so sad at loosing Mr. Cross Stitch." he shook his head and then smiled, "But now he's back to stay....Yay!" and with that little out burst Mo was running to catch up with Mr. Cross Stitch who was almost towards the back of the room near the door.

Jo looked at me and then said, "I knew you'd never give him up."

I smiled and then as we started to walk towards Mo, I turned to look at Jo and then said, "I do not want to alarm you, but Mr. Crochet has the flu."

Jo pulled on my arm and said, "You wouldn't dare!"

I smiled and thew my head back with a laugh and said, "Wouldn't I?"

I then walked away leaving Jo with his mouth wide open.....I figure it's best to keep Jo and Mo on their toes...once complacency sets in, you've lost it all...mystery is always a good thing, right!

In the mean time,  I wish you all a wonderful day filled with lots of blessings..and Happy Weekend, too.   :)


  1. I knew you'd never give him up too!! ;)

  2. LOL! I'm so happy for Mo!! LOL!

    AND, I love the descriptions of these two... and I hate Gauge, too. LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  3. So does Mr. Cross Stitch have a project in mind?

  4. Hilarious. Just the thing to get me started today before class.

  5. I knew he could not be gone, there is always life as far as cross stitch and you are concerned.

  6. I just knew it! The title of "uncut version" told me everything. We can not cut the very fibers/threads that bind us to our craftyness. Any fiber at all. Great bit of writing my dear. Stay warm, rumor has it we are colder than parts of Alaska.Thank you for the big smiles

  7. What a story teller you are! That was a fun read. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I don't know what to say..again you amaze me..all those voices in your head and yet you are still in my dear friend..