Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Smitten Kitten.....

Does anyone out there have this design?  It's from this Japanese book.  If you do, please e-mail me.

Mo is having a fit to make this...and well, since he learned to crochet, there seems to be no stopping him on trying new things...and to tell the truth, I am really enjoying working on my crochet table cloth (check out yesterday's post)...and wouldn't mind getting my hook into it as well.

Mo burst into the room and then said, "You've gotta see this." and then lead me back towards the craft studio.

I looked at the computer screen and then I saw the above design. Mo was giddy and almost breathless when he started to say, "I must make this."

By this time Jo wandered in the studio and looked at the screen and then said, "You can't make that."

Mo's face turned red and then he announced to everyone, "I will make it!"

Jo smiled his devious smile and then went back out into the living room. I followed him leaving Mo behind in the studio so he could admire the design for a while.

"You do realize that even though Mo is now crocheting, you will still have to do your share?" I looked over at Jo.  His devious smile quickly faded.

"Naturally.'" he said as he bit into a gingersnap.

But I could tell  he was a little disturbed by the news that he would still have to crochet.

"I have gotten word that my help might be needed over at Sherri's again." Jo started.

"Really?" I smiled

"Well, as you know she is working on The Last Supper....."

And before he could finish I said, "I know, and that is why I need you here to help with mine as well."  I smiled and tried hard to hold back a laugh.

Jo just rolled his eyes and then walked into the craft studio and shut the door.

Whatever dude, what ever!

Of course if you have other tablecloth patterns that you find lovely, please let me know about them, too....apparently, 2014 is gonna be the year of tablecloths for me....and most certainly crochet thread.

I will have a snap tomorrow of my current tablecloth progress.  Until then, wishing you all a day of blessings and many stitches, too.  


  1. Your wish for me is perfect! Thank you my friend. I look forward to your picture.

  2. that is gorgeous..you find the book let me know....

  3. If you can make the tablecloth or this project then you will forever be my crochet hero. There is no way in h*ll I would take those on. By the way Florida is pretty chilly to. I know it is not zero but with the damp, cold air it is very chilly.

  4. That is a beautiful tablecloth but I don't have the book. Sorry. I do LOVE to make things like this too. If I ever finish everything I've promised others I'm definitely going to do more thread crochet. Soon.
    Blogger is dealing me fits today and I may have to start another blog. Did you notice everything has disappeared from the sidebar of my blog for some mysterious reason. If you have any suggestions I would be forever in your debt. :-)

  5. Happy crocheting! I like the design! My creative side is more with music but I think it is great you have your passion!

  6. Gorgeous table cloth pattern, Vicki!! Love it. Exciting times!! =D I hope to post a photo of my PROJECT today. LOL! blessings and hugs ~ tanna