Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shadowy Blue

Through the haze of I know not what
and truly can not say
I saw before my eyes

a boat that started to drift away
slowly at first and then as if
taken by a gust of wind
on ripples,  then tides
I looked around and realized
I was safely tucked within

The sky of black faded into
a shadowy blue
stars shined up above
and yet there remained a
haze of which I could not
see through

Drifting as if in a dream
I looked down at my hands
and they were knitting
something of which
I could not describe
they continued in the motion
as if following the ebb of the tides

I looked down into the boat
all I could see was haze
I looked over the edge
instead of water I soon realized
I was drifting on miles and miles
of shadowy blue knitting
I saw a reflection in the knitted ripples
how I can not say
and then realized it was my own face
this left me in a daze

My eyes followed the path of my knitting
from my hands I watched in glee
as they followed it over the edge
far, far away from me

The boat was drifting ever so slowly
on the sea of knitted waves
It was then that I heard a sound
familiar and yet far away
I closed my eyes to try to remember
yet the sound did not remain

When I opened my eyes
 the knitting needles were
Drifting on the miles of knitted sea
floating ever so quickly
far away from me

My boat drifted slowly at first
and then with a gust of wind
I was far from the knitting needles
and back where I began.


My first poem for 2014! And it's about knitting!


  1. Wow! That is a great poem. You have many talents my lady :) Ok fair is fair now one about crochet please,Pretty Please???

  2. be in a haze of any kind

  3. Wow! How cool. You truly have a gift my friend. =)

  4. Knitting? hmmm must be she is coming back? Better let the boys know....I Hope all is well at your neck of the woods..really cold here today..good day to grab the hook....notice I said HOOK....hugs my friend

  5. You are indeed very talented my friend. I can't write anything except these little comments, but this poem is beautiful. And your stories of mo and Jo and now gauge are so entertaining. God has truly blessed you with a gift for writing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. I like that!! ;) Bring on the new year! blessings ~ tanna

  7. Oh my talented friend, you are an inspiration.

  8. What lovely words! I hope to do a bit of that drifting in knitting today as our blue here is quite a frozen one.