Monday, January 6, 2014

My first........

I will be making the lovely tablecloth on the front cover...this is a design by Carol Decker.

I just could not stomach working with yarn (I tried making the baby blanket from my last post, but it was torture working with yarn after only working with thread for so long) so I will be making this lovely tablecloth instead.

I am using an ecru color which will look nice on my table.  This will be my very first tablecloth....I have to admit I am very excited by it!  :)

Jo was mad when I made him and Mo haul the yarn back down to the basement. I can see a trail of gingersnap crumbs leading down the basement steps. It's his way of protesting. Never fear though, I have taken Mr. Hoover out and he and Jo will have a grand ole' time later today...Jo just doesn't know it yet because he's sulking in the craft studio.

 Mo let it slip that he is trying to learn to crochet.  Jo was so mad until he just got up and left the room....I later found him in the studio when I was looking for my ball of thread and pattern for the tablecloth.   I thought it best to let him have some "alone" time before I spring the whole Mr. Hoover thing on him and all.

Oh and it's zero degrees this morning! Isn't that insane! Have I mentioned lately just how much I truly miss Florida....gosh, I'd so love to be back there....warm sun, sandy beaches....all my old familiar places...but alas I am far, far away.....sniff, sniff....excuse me, I have to go get a tissue now.......


  1. yeah beaches, warm sun all sounds good to me..right now it is -2 yipee..

  2. Oh how I would love to be warm right now. Our low so far this morning was -16º with -45º windchill too. Our bathroom sink pipe froze, but Brian got it fixed!

  3. Florida sounds good right about now! Let's go! XP I'm back!!!! Come see me... I missed you and all the blog-verse.

  4. I think Vickie lives in the Midwest too. Our thermometer said -20 this morning and we had the extreme windchills to go with it. But it builds character! (Or so I tell myself. Next week I'll be in California where it's about 100 degrees warmer than here.) :)

    Wow, what a stunning tablecloth. How long will it take?

  5. Goodness! Reading your post and the comments makes me feel like I AM on a beach. It was 40F here today. Not bad compared to the rest of you it seems.
    Too bad you decided against the baby blanket but that tablecloth is gorgeous. I forgot to add doilies and other thread crochet to my list of things I want to make. I bought the quilt batting and the last of the material today so tomorrow I'll begin the quilt. Bleh! Not my favorite craft by a long shot.
    Blessings my friend,