Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mmmmmm bacon.....

I had thought that Mo and Jo were still gone to the big city to do some more thread shopping to work on their crochet tablecloth, so I had the knitted one pulled out and was knitting when I heard a gasp. I looked up and Mo had his hand on his heart as if he were having a heart attack and Jo's gingersnap which he had on his lip just fell out and hit the floor.

"How could you!" Mo said through tears and then rain off down into the basement.

Jo picked up the gingersnap and then smiled and said, "Well played." and then followed Mo down the stairs into the basement.

I am still not sure why they went into the basement, but I have learned to not ask such questions when those two are involved.

I could hear them arguing and then it went quiet. I just kept knitting, I figure what was the point in trying to hide it now.

After a while I could hear them coming back up the basement stairs.

Jo was first and then moved aside so Mo could stand on the landing. Mo looked at me and then I finally looked at them both.

"There has to be some rules set." Mo started.

I opened my mouth to speaks, but Mo put up his finger and then moved it back in forth as if I had been bad or something.

"No! You listen." and then Mo began to rant.

"You gave up on Mr. Cross Stitch" to which Mo sniffed a little, "You gave up on yarn, you gave up on needlepoint, you gave up on beading. You will not give up on crochet." Mo then put his hands on his hips and started to tap his foot as if I were suppose to be intimidated or something.

I had to laugh, he was just so funny.

"What The Boy Wonder is trying to say is, that we don't want you to give up on crochet." Jo said quickly.

"I had no plans to give up on hooking.  It's in my blood. I just wanted to try knitting a tablecloth." I said

Mo gasped again and then slowly staggered towards the sofa as if he'd been wounded. "We are working on a  tablecloth." he started to shake his head as he slowly sat down.

"I really don't see the problem here." I smiled at Mo.

Jo sat next to Mo and then said, "We have tons of crochet to do....let her knit for a while."

And with that Mo seemed to be ok. Who would have ever thought Jo could bring Mo around from...well anything really.

"What's in the basement that has you two always down there?" I asked as they started to go back down it to the basement.

"We've made a sort of studio for ourselves down there." Jo smiled.

"Do I even want to know what is really going on down there?" I asked.

Jo just smiled. and then Mo quickly popped his head back up from the stairway and said, "Jo just told you!" and then with that last sassy statement they both headed down into the basement.

Mo is such a drama llama!  But this time Jo saved my bacon!  Mmmmmm bacon...sorry got off track there for a moment.   :)

Hope you are all keeping warm, its' a balmy 10 out today, and keeping  those hooks/needles moving.

Next post will be an update photo of the knitted tablecloth...and maybe the crocheted, one, too.  :)


  1. LOL! Those two are always up to something! BRRRRR... stay warm, girl! The best thing about the afghan I'm working on is that it is big enough now to help me stay warm! Looking forward to seeing tablecloth photos. blessings ~ tanna

  2. Those boys. I love to read about their antics but it seems as if they are pacified for the moment anyway. I can't wait to see a picture of your tablecloth.
    It's a balmy 16 degrees here and I have a fire roaring away. Life is good.

  3. Oooookay.. so who are those two? And are they real? I can't wait to see your knitted tablecloth.. bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Mo and Jo are my stitchy MoJo. They are only real in my head and some of my readers seem to like them, to. :) Mo use to do the cross stitching and Jo the crochet, but now they both do crochet. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. Wishing you a most wonderful day. :)

  4. It is just cold..I don't want to know how cold..ignorance is bliss

  5. You are just something! I read your title and my mouth started watering, for shame. I was unaware that you had such a sordid past crafty life. I was a also a beader and lover of all things fiber related. I am proud to say I know every size needle from the finest to the largest and all their many uses.... Well except knitting. She is my (loss of words). Perhaps one day... Ok now all my brain can see is: Ginger snaps and Bacon. Stay warm Fiber Sister. What color is M.and J. hair? Need some details here. :)

    1. I am still LOL about the "sordid past crafty life" comment. Too, funny.

      I never really thought about their hair color...hmmm I might have to work on that for you.

      If I can knit, anyone on this planet can knit. It's important to use really big needles (like a size 8 ) and regular worsted weight yarn to learn...anything smaller will just leave you running and screaming into the night! :)

      Blessings always

  6. The two of them in their own craft space? I feel there will be lots of crumbs around.