Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grow Your Blog

Go here for more info about Grow Your Blog.  ***Update*** I was too late to join, but does not mean you still can't go over there and find other cool blogs to read.  :) 

Ok, I am a day late...I know, I know...but it's really not my fault you know. Not sure who's fault it is, but I will just blame Jo, he's usually up to no good, so we'll just stick the blame on Jo.

First I would like to welcome you to my blog if you are a first time reader (and I would also like to say Howdy to my current readers, too).  :)

I guess I should say that I knit, crochet, cross stitch and write stories.  My true heart lies in being a hooker (that's a crocheter just to clear that up, ok!).  Crochet is my first love, but sometimes a girl just needs to break it up and knit, or cross stitch or write a crazy butt story from time to time, too. Just saying.  :)

My current lead characters are Mo and Jo, you know my stitchy MoJo...Mo does the cross stitch and Jo does the crochet.  They are always into something crazy.   We also have Gauge, who is not liked very much, because who really wants to do a gauge swatch anyway?

We will be having a new character appear soon....sorry, no hints...but I think you will like this new character.

Lately I have been bitten by the knitting lace bug, so I am really into that...but I always have a crochet project going on as well.  Currently, my cross stitching has taken a back seat (well, you can read all about in my post here. And just to keep the momentum going, you can then read my post here to see how Mr. Cross Stitch came alive again).   Yeah,  apparently I do have way too much time on my hands don't I!  :)

I hope you will enjoy reading my's a wild ride I assure you...but I can promise you this, it will never be boring...well, let me say I will try to not let it ever be boring.  :)

Welcome and don't forget to check out all the other cool blogs on the link in my side bar....just click on the picture (Grow Your Blog) and it will lead you to many fun and exciting blogs.

Wishing you all a most lovely day....oh, and there will be a lace tablecloth picture and up date soon.  :)


  1. Nope never, ever boring. ;)
    I have a guess as to a new character. tee hee!

    1. Ahhh you are so sweet, you are making me blush. :)

  2. I can assure you that you are never boring. Have fun with the blog party, I am not a party girl so am not joining in, but I wish you a wonderful time

  3. I think I'm one of the few not joining in with this.. but I hope it works out for you. I look forward to the new character and the lace tadah! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Howdy Vicki! I'm late fir everything this week. Busy, busy so I didn't join in either. You KNOW how I enjoy reading your stories and can't wait to meet your new character.

  5. love your talents..all of them..