Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Extra! Extra! Read All About It blizzard hits Kentucky......

Florida girl is stuck in blizzard and can't find her knitting needles....no body move!

.......update...everything is ok, she found her knitting needles!

I woke up to the sound of wind howling around my house....snow flinging itself on my windows in a last ditch effort to come inside.  Hubby left at the crack of six something today (he doesn't start until 800am) but he wanted to get a jump on the blizzard that is upon us. Smart man....it's not very nice outside right now.

Here is a  picture of one of the glass panels in my front door...I felt kind of artsy this am, so humor me, ok!

Here is a snap of the neighborhood across the creek, that's my deck by the way...the view from my stitchy chair if I open up the curtains.

Here's a shot of the trees across the street from my house to the right  Yeah, there are those wacky snowflakes still trying to get in!

Here's a shot of the houses on the corner of my street to the left of my office window

I keep clicking my heals and saying, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home"  all the while thinking of the warm beaches of home...the sun, the warmth...the fact that Florida hardly ever gets snow and if they do, it's never, ever anything like this crap!

Did I happen to mention that I hate the cold and snow! Oh I do...I really really do!

I am pressing forward on the knitted tablecloth....I put in a life line when I had to add extra stitches that made the stitch count 300.  But when I did, something wacky happened to two of the yo's (which happen to create a hole in lace, which is what you want) but my two holes near the beginning and end look as if they are the size of Texas! Seriously.

I raveled it all back to the starting point and tried again...but no matter what I do they remain the size of Texas...but I've always liked Texas, so I am gonna live with it.  I am not out for perfection...it's just a simple tablecloth. Ok, that is what I keep telling myself, but those holes are wigging my out...seriously they are like eyes in one of those creepy movies...you know where you walk into a haunted mansion and the paintings eyes follow you around...that is what is happening with my tablecloth!

I also wanted to thank you all for the kind words of encouragement...you all make my heart smile!

I hope you are all well and warm today where ever you are...and that you hooks/needles are flying, too.


  1. ooOoo! Creepy, big eyes! Weird.
    It is currently -1º here Vicki. And lots and lots of snow. ;) I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life. But I still wouldn't mind seeing a bit of green right around now.

  2. I'm not a fan of the cold weather either Vicki!

    Texas isn't so bad. ;)

    blessings ~ tanna

  3. Hi, Yeah gotta love winter..yesterday 50+ degrees today...19 and snowing, blowing and cold...My folks are going to be going south and we are one of their stopping points on the way..supposed to be here tomorrow so I gotta get my house together today..I so do not like housework..Hugs and looking foward to seeing your knitted tablecloth...

  4. Keep going and fix them later. You can just tie them a bit tighter and sew the threads into the design, I confess I have done this bit of doctoring a few times in my past. Well you know how much lace and I get along, not very well so I am always doctoring. Stay inside warm and cozy, make hot chocolate, and Knit, Knit, Knit.

  5. Your snow pictures are absolutely stunning. Very fancy too. :-). I think you're getting all the snow back east this year-we haven't had hardly any. Which is fine with me. Because as you know I detest snow. I think I'm a Hawaii girl at heart. :-)
    Keep plugging away at that tablecloth my friend. Those "eyes" will blend right in at the end. I started a small doily last night, crocheted-not knitted though.

  6. I hope that after the blizzard spring will come in no time. Here, on the frozen north we are having the warmest winter ever! Well, the warmest since I came north.

  7. Wow I love your view from your crochet seat! Notice I said crochet seat? Haha happy knitting! It's around 64 here right now and sunny, no sweater or jacket required. I so pray one day you and Vikki can come for a visit and enjoy our weather here in Vegas.
    I love you gumption about knitting your tablecloth, I'm still just castes on my one needle have gone past that for my socks, but I will, I will!

  8. I am so glad I have (k)not jumped into knitting. OK Here in the Heart of Dixie it is Sunny,the skies are Blue and it is breezy with a temp in the 30's. At least you know what is really going on outside. My brain says; "oh sun lets go outside". 'nuff that soon my friends flowers will bloom,very soon... Great pictures by the way.Have a non-holy day dear...

  9. I'm very impressed with your knitted lace tablecloth.. now can I see the crochet one? LOL! We had one dusting of snow this winter.. but right now we're in a run of sunny cold days. I want Spring! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. With regards to the snow: welcome to my world. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha....

    Good luck with that tablecloth! :D

  11. I believe there is some good psychiatric help to be found in your area : ) Seriously, you know how thrilled I was to wake up this morning & see this weather!!! This is the first time ... the very first time since we moved here in 2009 that I am looking out at a totally white yard, no sign of grass whatsoever. Hallelujah!