Monday, January 13, 2014

Curling a rooster and other fun things

I was sitting in the stitchy chair watching my taped Downton Abbey (which I will get into that later) when I could hear voices coming from the basement.

"Why are you always so dense?" I could hear Jo saying.

Then Mo's timid little voice, "I did just what you said."

I could hear footsteps on the basement stairs and then realized their hands  were full of yarn and still complaining about each other.

"What now?" I asked.

Jo smiled, "Oh it's nothing Sweet's, Mo is a dumb butt, that's all." and then Jo walked towards the craft studio.

Mo hung his head and then followed.

"Ok, let's hear it." I said as I followed them into the studio.

Mo started, "Jo told me to go look up curling, so I did."

I looked over at Jo and frowned.

Mo continued, "and then when I told him what I found he started calling me names." Mo folded his arms across his chest and then started looking back and forth from Jo and then back to me again.

Jo smiled and then put the yarn down and then said, "Genius here looked up the sport of curling. We were working on the rooster tablecloth and it was curling, so I told the boy wonder here to go look up curling."

Mo quickly added, "You never said it had anything to do with crochet, you just said curling."

Jo shook his head and then said, "I would have thought it were apparent that I meant crochet, since we were discussing why it was curling up."  Jo rolled his eyes.

I started to laugh.

"Did I ever tell you two that you act like an old married couple!" I said and then walked away and closed the door.

In the mean time I give you this.

I followed the pattern exactly, but it is curling like crazy, so now I am "adjusting" the pattern to where I think I can get it to not curl and still have it come out correctly.  Only time will tell of course.

But I am going to record here what I did (so I can remember).

Round 1  kept as the pattern is written.

Round 2  changed it from having 2 chs between the sts to just 1 ch between the stitches.

Round 3 I continued with my 1 ch instead of 2 ch between the sts thing.

Round 4 that is why I am now trying to get the pattern back to the design.  I am now putting in an extra dc in between the std to make it come out as a filet block equals four dc.  I'll keep ya updated on  it.

Thank you all for your most kind words about the other tablecloth and I will update here about that one soon as well.

Oh, now I go into a rant about Downtown Abbey.

If you have not seen the 2nd part of Season Four then do not read the following because I don't want to "spoil" it for you.

Ok, here goes.

Keep in mind I am saying all of this from the perspective of a writer.  I just felt that what happened to Anna was lazy writing. Seriously.  I can already see where this is leading. She is going to have a baby and of course then it's a matter of if she tells Bates it's his or the truth, and then here we go again with Bates on murder charges and blah blah blah....lazy writing!  I don't want predictable things happening on Downton Abbey, I want stuff that happens that blows me away (you know like killing off Mary's husband after she gives birth...ok, that was only because the dude that played that character wanted out of his contract, but you see what I am one saw that coming!).

Why can't we have something awesome happen to Anna, like she really does have Bates baby?

Of course who am I to judge the writer of Downton Abbey, my characters are my crafty Mo Jo, so it's not like I am writing Shakespeare or anything either!

 Downton Abbey is such an awesome production. All that effort put into making things so lovely, down to the smallest detail...and then this.  Of course I am probably the only one who feels this way, but seriously. There are a million other things that could have happened to Anna.

Gosh, I don't know...she is with Mary and they are in London and Mary passes by a yarn shop....Anna looks over and see's an awesome shawl on display in the window and then Mary stops and looks at Anna and then in the window....Mary smiles and then they both walk into the yarn shop.....of course Mary is not the type of person who would knit or crochet...but Anna is.   My only point is (ok, it's taken a zillion words to get here) is that I felt it was truly lazy writing.

Now that I've got all the Downton Abbey fans panties in a bunch.....toddles until next time.  :)


  1. Ooh Vicki, I'm sorry about curling, (both the sport and the tablecloth). I don't know why it would have done that unless the pattern was written incorrectly. Good luck on figuring it out though.

    Hubby and I are both avid Downton Abby fans and we will watch episode 2 tonight, but reading your words doesn't ruin it for me in the least. I'm the type of person who re-reads books all the time and watches movies over and over again. I didn't think last weeks was that great either. Did they change writers when last season ended? Oh well, I enjoy the beautiful old house and looking at the rooms almost as much as the show anyway.

    Have a lovely Monday my friend,

  2. Hey Vicki..I wouldn't make any adjustments just yet on the pattern..some patterns "curl" until you get further into the pattern..I don't know what row you are on...just thinking out loud...I have worked some patterns that straighten themselves out after awhile

  3. Hahaha I quit watching DA after the 1st season. But from my understanding it's still quite good, until eyouyou mentioned the lazy bit. But that's what happens to all good writing, some laziness creeps in.
    I'm totally waiting for Sherlock my favorite show. Soon very soon. I really don't see Sherlock and Watson walking by a yarn shop anytime soon. Lol

  4. As I'm writing from UK, I've already seen this season, all I can say is wait and see!!

  5. Sigh.. sorry about the curly doily.. hope it flattens out. I've been depressed ever since what happened to Anna. Makes me mad crazy. And to have her say goodbye to the guy like nothing happened? GEEEEEZ! And the first thing I thought of is oh dang.. she'll be pregnant. ::sigh:: dang.

  6. I don't watch DA, so I'm lost on that part... but, will blocking relieve the "curl"?? What do I know... I'm lost on crochet, too!! LOL! I'm sure you will get it under control... now, Mo and Jo, I'm not so sure. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  7. Downton is too good of a show to have this in it. I thought it was unnecessary and yet more violence against women. It made me so mad. Do we see this type of thing with men on TV, hardly. And frankly I do not want to see that either, it just wasn't needed.